Business Intercom Systems

Overview of Intercom Systems for Business

Commercial intercom systems connect site entrances with internal intercom substations so that visitors can contact staff or residents to request entry. These systems should be integrated with electronic access control so that authorized people can unlock doors remotely.

Benefits of Using Business Intercom Systems

Enhanced Security

By requiring that visitors announce themselves before being granted entry, intercom systems prevent unauthorized access to secure premises.

Efficient Entry Management

Intercoms enable efficient entry management because they don't require staff or residents to walk all the way to an entrance to allow entry. Instead, doors are unlocked via electronic signals transmitted from intercom substations.


Most commercial intercom systems are built for integration with other communication and security systems, such as those for visitor management and electronic access control.

Integrations allow data-sharing between devices and connect diverse systems on a central interface for easy administrative management.

Two Main Components of a Commercial Intercom System

Intercom Base Station

Base, or master, stations for intercoms are installed at building entrances and other sensitive entry points. Outside visitors use intercom base stations to communicate with people on the inside, usually to request entry.

Commercial video intercom systems base or master station

Video intercom base stations feature cameras and screen displays, and most base stations—for both video and audio-only intercom systems—include speakers, amplifiers, volume controls, and call buttons or touch screens connected with substation selector switches. Substation selector switches enable people at base stations to connect with specified individuals, apartment units, or work areas via low-voltage cabling.

Intercom Substation

While base stations are installed at entrances, intercom substations are installed throughout properties. People use base station call buttons or touchscreens to select specific intercom substations they'd like to communicate with.

Substations feature two-way audio and sometimes display screens and cameras to enable communication with base stations.

Two Types of Commercial Intercom Systems for Businesses

There are two main types of commercial intercoms: video intercoms and two-way audio intercoms.

Commercial Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems are highly recommended because they provide the situational awareness needed for top-grade security. By communicating via video in real-time, building staff and residents are able to verify identities before unlocking doors.

Commercial intercom system features can include cameras for a video intercom system with live video communications.

A commercial video intercom system usually consists of video cameras, display screens, audio tools, a control panel, low-voltage cabling, and intercom substations.

Commercial Two-Way Audio Intercom Systems

As the name suggests, two-way audio intercom systems allow for two-way audio communications but lack video features.

The main components of audio intercom systems are speakers, microphones, low-voltage cabling, intercom stations, and a control panel.

Applications of Business Intercom Systems

A commercial intercom system for business works with access control system.

Visitor Access Control

Commercial intercom systems empower staff and residents to gather information from visitors before deciding whether to grant or deny entry.

Customer Service

By connecting directly with front offices and specific staff or residents, commercial intercom systems give visitors a convenient method for contacting the persons or departments they need.

Employee Access Control

Most commercial intercom system features include the same RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) signal technology used by access control credentials. Access control credential systems, such as those that use RFID signal technology, allow authorized personnel or residents to enter facilities without requesting access through an intercom.

Installation Considerations for Commercial Intercom Systems

Remote access management for commercial properties using access control integrated with commercial intercoms.

Compatibility and Integration With Existing Security Devices

Only install commercial intercom systems that can be customized and integrated with other security systems, such as those for access control and video surveillance.

Our friendly experts here at Mammoth Security can help you to select a commercial intercom system that's customizable, easy to scale, and compatible with other security and building management systems.

Weatherproof Installation Options

Weatherproof installations are often necessary for intercoms in exposed outdoor environments.

Weatherproof Intercoms

Specialized weatherproof intercoms are constructed with weather-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, and feature gaskets and seals that prevent moisture from damaging the system.

Intercom Enclosures

Intercom enclosures are the most cost-effective solution for protecting outdoor intercoms from the elements, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of intercoms.

Residents, employees, and visitors simply need to open the enclosure lid to access the intercom.

Waterproof Conduits and Connectors

Commercial intercom system tubing

Waterproof conduit tubes and connectors protect outdoor low-voltage wiring that connects intercoms, power sources, and control panels.

Cost Considerations

Two-way audio intercoms are adequate for most budget installations, but video intercom systems have the security features necessary for detailed situational awareness. Video intercoms are more expensive than their audio-only counterparts because they have more complex hardware (e.g., high-resolution displays) and more installation and configuration requirements.

Intercom Installations by Mammoth Security

A leading security solutions provider of commercial intercom system installation.

Our crew at Mammoth Security has the knowledge and experience to help you select and properly install the ideal intercom system for your business security and entry management needs. With the right security system in place, you'll streamline communications, improve productivity, and create a more secure and convenient environment for employees, visitors, and residents.

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