IP Security Camera Systems

IP security camera systems are essential for securing commercial spaces, providing top-notch surveillance with superior video quality, remote access, and seamless integration, marking a transformative upgrade for your business security strategy.

Our IP security camera systems are engineered to meet the unique demands of businesses, delivering HD to ultra HD resolution footage that captures every detail with precision.

With the ability to remotely access your cameras from anywhere and the flexibility to integrate with other digital security systems, these cameras are designed to offer comprehensive surveillance solutions that keep pace with your business needs.

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Reasons to Use IP Camera Systems for Business

Video Quality - From 1080p, 4k to 8k resolution, expect nothing less than exceptional image clarity that aids in effective monitoring and evidence collection, crucial for business environments.

Remote Access - Internet Protocol rules let security administrators view footage, adjust camera settings, and manage your surveillance system anytime, providing real-time insights into your commercial space from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop app.

Integrations - Seamlessly integrate with digital systems for access control, fire safety, and intrusion detection. They enable situational awareness and management through a unified interface, forming a robust security network.

Reliability - Ensure business-grade surveillance reliability by using digital transmission, reducing susceptibility to signal issues with advanced error-checking and automatic updates to address vulnerabilities and threats, offering a dependable surveillance solution.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP cameras stand out from other surveillance system camera types because they have motorized parts that respond to remote commands so an end user can direct the camera to track moving objects or focus in and out on different areas of a larger scene.

Benefits of IP Camera Systems for Businesses

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Enhanced Security - Advanced encryption and automatic firmware updates ensure your surveillance system is safeguarded against unauthorized access and evolving threats.

Scalability - IP camera systems are highly scalable, so you can easily expand your surveillance network as your business grows, making IP cameras a future-proof investment.

Cost Effectiveness - While offering superior technology and convenience, IP cameras also promise long-term savings with lower maintenance costs and simple scalability.

Video Storage and Management Options - IP cameras offer a range of video storage and management options because the digital video data can be stored on local digital devices like network video recorders and video management systems or in the cloud for remote Internet storage.

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Advanced Features of IP Camera Systems

Advanced Video Analytics - Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable camera systems to detect unusual behaviors, count crowds, assess workflows, provide real-time notifications during emergencies, and more.

Privacy Masking - AI can block out certain areas in a camera's view to comply with privacy regulations like HIPPA.

Thermal Imaging - This form of camera night vision can detect heat signatures instead of light, making it useful in complete darkness or obscured conditions.

License Plate and Facial Recognition - License plate recognition cameras identify license plates and record their digits, while facial recognition cameras identify individuals based on facial features.

Cloud Storage - Store footage off-site, in the cloud for enhanced accessibility that doesn't sacrifice data security.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) - A single Ethernet cable can provide both power and reliable data transmission to an IP camera, reducing the need for extensive new cabling.

Adaptive Streaming - Video quality can be programmed to adjust automatically based on network conditions. This means that footage may temporarily become less detailed in order to stream without latency.

Video Compression - Efficient video compression technologies, such as H.265 Compression, save valuable storage space. This has also made wider coverage ranges possible and provided exceptional zoom-in capabilities for precise identification of people, objects, and activities.

Why Choose Mammoth Security for IP Surveillance?

Tailored Security Solutions: We know each business is unique. That’s why we offer customized security solutions. Whether you need to safeguard a small retail shop, a large corporate office, a manufacturing plant, a school, or a parking lot, we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Technology: By keeping up with advancements in security technology, our team provides businesses and organizations with the cutting-edge security tools they need. From high-resolution security cameras to electronic access control, we know how to leverage technology to safeguard premises like yours.

Professional Installation: Our skilled technicians know how to install and optimize security systems without disrupting daily operations. We’re not just installers; we’re craftspeople who take pride in every screw turned and wire connected. And we even clean up after ourselves!

Support: Post-installation, our relationship doesn’t end. The Mammoth team offers ongoing support and maintenance to make sure your security system operates flawlessly for years to come.

Taking the Next Step With Mammoth Security

Taking the Next Step With Mammoth Security

Ready to take the next step toward protecting your business with IP cameras and other advanced security technologies?

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An IP camera is a type of digital security camera that receives commands and sends video data through the Internet using the Internet Protocol format.


The Internet Protocol is a set of rules governing the formatting and addressing of digital data packets when they are sent and received over the Internet or a local network.


Network Video Recorders (NVRs) manage and store video footage captured by IP multiple security cameras simultaneously. They store footage on hard drives and feature software for viewing live feeds, playing back recorded video, and managing camera settings. By connecting IP cameras to an NVR system, users can efficiently monitor and record video from multiple cameras simultaneously.


When looking into purchasing an IP Camera System, consider factors like high video resolution, field of view, storage options (e.g., cloud vs. NVR system), power supply (traditional power source vs. batteries vs. PoE), and whether you need indoor or outdoor surveillance. Assessing these elements ensures you select a system tailored to your security needs and offers the right balance of image quality, storage requirements, and installation flexibility for effective monitoring.


Yes, analog data can be transmitted over Ethernet cable, but it requires specific adapters or converters. These adapter or converter devices either adjust analog signals into a form that can travel through Ethernet or convert the signals into a digital format for IP Ethernet transmission.
This setup is often used in scenarios where existing Ethernet infrastructure can be leveraged to connect analog devices, such as CCTV cameras, without running new coaxial cables. While the transmission medium can be Ethernet, the signal remains analog until it's converted to digital at the receiving end or by a digital recording device.

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IP Cameras

Wireless cameras are not reliable enough for commercial use yet. Instead, we use purpose-built antennae to connect hardwired cameras on light poles and buildings.


Phone App
For Camera Systems

Watch live or previously recorded footage on any mobile device. Save it to your phone and e-mail it just like any other video or image.


Increased Resolution
Of 4096×2160

4k or 8MP cameras represent the best value at the moment. Depending on your situation, a 30+ megapixel camera can be installed allowing you to read a seat number from the opposite end of a football field.

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