Burglar Alarm Monitoring for Businesses

According to the most recent FBI data, about $3 billion dollars in property is lost to burglary every year, and the average dollar loss for each burglary is $2,661.

Therefore, commercial burglar alarm monitoring is often the security investment that provides the biggest payoff for the least expense.

What Is Burglar Alarm Monitoring?

Burglar alarm monitoring connects on-site alarm systems to 24/7 burglar alarm monitoring services at a remote location. When an alarm sensor is triggered, the monitoring center is instantly notified so that trained security experts can investigate and respond.

How Burglar Alarm Monitoring Works

Burglar alarm monitoring typically works by connecting on-site alarms to a central station for monitoring via a telephone line, Internet connection, or cellular network.

When a fire or intrusion alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to the burglar alarm monitoring service, and customers are notified with text messages and app notifications. If the alarm system is integrated with security cameras, a security expert at the service will view the livestream to differentiate real emergencies from false alarms.

If the alarm system is not integrated with security cameras, a professional monitoring agent will reach out to the customer directly to verify the alarm. If unable to reach the customer, the agent will dispatch appropriate authorities (like the police or the fire department) depending on the type of alarm that has been triggered.

Motion sensor relays events to monthly monitoring services

Benefits of Commercial Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Live Response

With a fire and burglar alarm monitoring service in place, alarm triggers will immediately notify the monitoring center, which will then take appropriate actions.

Cost Effective

With the average burglary costing nearly $3,000 in losses, signing up for a commercial burglar and fire alarm monitoring service provides a massive ROI. Monthly monitoring costs are negligible compared to employing even part-time on-site security, and they are much more reliable than self-monitoring.

What's more, many insurance companies provide discounts for security system installations, especially if they include professional monitoring services.


wireless technology for motion sensors

Some commercial burglar alarm systems can be integrated with smart-home technologies, which allow for remote access to alarms and other connected devices, such as cameras, access control systems, lights, and thermostats.

Burglar alarm systems that are integrated with security cameras provide the most situational awareness. False alarms can be deactivated quickly, and true emergencies can receive rapid dispatches with an eyewitness account from a monitoring service security expert.


Many commercial burglar alarm monitoring services can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business, including fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, medical emergency monitoring, and interactive services.

And when 24/7 fire and burglar alarm monitoring isn't needed, many monitoring services can be contracted for monitoring at specific times.

Peace of Mind

Business owners can have peace of mind knowing that their property and assets are being protected 24/7 by a commercial burglar alarm and monitoring center.

Best Burglar Alarm Monitoring Companies


DMP is a trendsetter in the security industry, so it should be no surprise that they're the security systems company that introduced network burglar and fire alarm monitoring to the market in the early 200os.

By using network monitoring instead of traditional dial-up monitoring, DMP alarms and security devices communicate with monitoring stations in milliseconds, while legacy systems can take up to a minute.

DMP alarm panel


Honeywell is known for manufacturing durable, cost-effective alarm systems for both commercial and home security. While they don't provide burglar and fire alarm monitoring services, their systems can be connected with inexpensive third-party monitoring services (some with monthly fees as low as $10).


2Gig provides alarms with a burglar monitoring service. Their customers can even type a duress code into their 2Gig keypad to activate alarms and sirens—and to receive interactive services from their professional monitoring team.


Napco's highly reliable security sensors have been perfected over decades of research and upgrades. And their burglary and fire alarm monitoring services are inexpensive.

How to Integrate Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Alarm panels and security system panels

Installing a burglar alarm system and integrating it with a central station for monitoring involves the following five steps:

  1. Security experts like those at Mammoth Security provide a professional installation of the alarm system, usually including door and window sensors, motion detectors, a control panel, and integrations with cameras and other security system components.
  2. After the professional installation is complete, your technician should test the system to ensure that it is working properly and that all sensors are communicating with the control panel and any integrated security systems.
  3. A security expert should then train customers to use their system, including how to arm and disarm alarms, how to make use of available features, and what to do when emergency services are required.
  4. The technician will then connect the alarm system to a monitoring service using a telephone line, Internet connection, or cellular network.
  5. Finally, professional monitoring services will be set up, and emergency protocols for the customer's property should be configured by the installation expert.



A monitored burglar alarm is connected to a central monitoring center that notifies the appropriate people in the event of an alarm trigger. A monitored fire and burglar alarm service may be part of a hardwired or wireless alarm system and may include components like window sensors, CO detectors, and smoke detectors.


If you have valuable assets that need to be protected, professional alarm monitoring is a wise investment. Professional monitoring plans are more cost-effective than 24/7 on-site monitoring, they can result in lower insurance bills, and they can save property owners from thousands of dollars in losses.

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