ICT Access Control

Integrated Control Technology (ICT) manufactures all-in-one solutions for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation. Their Protege systems, the Protege WX and GX, are user-friendly and easy to integrate with third-party products, including locks, alarms, and lighting systems.

What is ICT Access Control?

Access control systems keep locations secure by ensuring that access to sites and information is limited to people with authorized credentials.

Smart cards, PIN codes, and even fingerprints are presented to access readers for authentication at access sites. From there, the credential data is transmitted to a main access controller panel, where it is cross-checked against site authorizations. If a credential matches a site's authorizations, the panel will transmit a signal that activates an unlock to permit entry. If a presented credential does not match site authorizations, access will be denied.

ICT's Protege systems stand out from conventional access control systems because they offer a unified solution for automated security and building management.

ITC Protege WX

The Protege WX is an integrated access control, intrusion detection, and building automation solution designed with small-business needs in mind. It's a simplified system with two just two hardware parts, the controller and the power supply cord.

The Protege WX is software-free and instead contains a built-in web server that connects with the Internet. Through its web-based interface, users achieve fully functional access control without conventional software-based complications like connection limits and licensing fees for unused features.

ICT access control integrates with Avigilon camera and intercom systems

Protege GX

The Protege GX Package is useful for both small businesses and multinational enterprises. A scalable licensing model makes the system affordable for single-door systems while allowing for Expander Modules and new functionalities as business needs grow.

Like the Protege WX, the GX package is an all-in-one system for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation. But it is also feature-rich to enable easy management of multiple sites.

The Protege GX produces security summaries and customizable reports tailored to specific operators and scheduled for specific times. Its interface provides customizable status pages that focus on relevant information to support surveillance efficiency and rapid event responses. What's more, graphical floor layouts help administrators easily visualize multiple site locations.

There is no limit to the number of controllers that can be added to the Protege GX package. And each Controller can manage up to sixty-four doors with over one thousand credentials each.

Benefits of ICT Access Control

Convenient Building Automation Solution

In addition to providing a unified access control and intrusion detection solution, the ICT Protege WX and GX systems manage building automation for efficient energy use. Sensor reading capabilities at automation points allow the ITC system to adjust air conditioning and internal lighting levels to meet preferences set by administrators on the ICT interface.

Web-Based Interface for Anywhere, Anytime Ease of Access

ITC's Protege systems use a web-based interface so that authorized administrators can monitor and manage users, access sites, and programmable functions from any location with an Internet connection. Administrators can instantly arm and disarm areas, control doors, set alarm triggers, and manage building automation.

Because the ICT controller contains the system's centralized database, it's easy to manage programmable functions for a variety of situation-based actions on a single screen.

For example, the lighting and temperature in each room monitored by a Protege system can be automatically adjusted to match administrator settings with the aid of sensor reading devices.

In the event of an unauthorized access attempt, instant notifications and security footage can be sent to administrators or security personnel. Also, during a security breach, building-wide or area-wide alarms can be triggered and security breach footage can appear on the interface to ensure an appropriate response.

ICT Access Control

Modular Access Control

ICT's Protege WX and the Protege GX are modular systems, making them easy to link with third-party devices. When adopting an ICT access control system, there's no need to replace all software and hardware components.

Intelligent SALLIS integration devices allow ICT access controllers to manage locks by SALTO SALLIS, Aperio Wireless Locking Solutions, Savant Security, and others. Through the ICT Automation and Control Protocol, IT professionals can create customized integrations between an ICT Protege system and existing security devices.


ICT's Protege access control systems are designed for easy scalability. The Protege GX package expands seamlessly with new controllers, and the Protege WX can be scaled with the Protege Expander, a user-friendly tool that allows for added functionalities over time without the need for new hardware.

Because ICT offers flexible licensing options, advanced functionalities aren't charged for until a customer is ready to use them. What's more, routine updates and updates for new functionalities are simple and require no specialized IT knowledge. Updates simply require file uploads and a few clicks on Wizard-driven interface guides.

IP Reporting Functionality for Secure Communication

ICT's ArmorIP Protocol keeps data secure from interception when transmitted between access controllers and web-based user interfaces. The ArmorIP Protocol relies on encryption algorithms and cutting-edge web standards such as data encapsulation to allow secure management of the central controller and its data.

All-In-One Solutions for Access Control and Automated Building Management

ICT produces fully functional access control systems that stand out from standard access control systems for their third-party compatibility, easy scalability, and all-in-one automated management features. The ICT Protege WX and GX systems combine access control, intrusion detection, and automated building management into a single cohesive security solution that keeps intruders out while letting authorized persons in.

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Mammoth Security installing ICT

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