2GIG Burglar Alarms

Why Do You Need a 2GIG Burglar Alarm?

2GIG's alarm systems are compact, cellular-ready, and easy to operate. They're known for user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate and customization tools that let small-business owners and homeowners tailor system settings to their individual preferences.

2GIG Technologies are industry leaders in the development of advanced, well-designed security systems with cellular connectivity to integrate with smart home and business automation.

How Does a 2GIG Burglar Alarm Work?

When the panel system is armed, motions and unauthorized entries are recognized by 2GIG's sensors and detectors like window contacts, motion detectors, and broken glass detectors. The control panel will then send notifications to the customer or their monitoring company and activate alarms and sirens to deter intruders. If one or more sensor is triggered, the siren will continue to sound until a customer with an access code or a monitoring company disarms the system.

2GIG's motion detectors and entrance sensors are small and powered by batteries. Your installer should configure and place 2GIG's sensors and detectors in smart areas for maximum effectiveness with the fewest false alarms. Each installed sensor protects a specific zone on your property.

Benefits of a 2GIG Burglar Alarm


2GIG burglar alarm systems provide protection against intruders. If someone attempts to break into a home or business, the alarm will sound and potentially deter burglars. The system also alerts the customer, a third-party monitoring company, or law enforcement authorities.

Remote Control

Many 2GIG burglar alarm systems can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app. This allows the customer to arm and disarm the system, check the system status, and receive alerts and notifications from anywhere.

Wireless Systems With Hardwire Options

2GIG alarms primarily run on wireless systems, but they have limited hardwire capacities that can expand the device with add-on modules.

2GIG Burglar Alarm Control Panels

2GIG GC2E Security and Control Alarm Panel

2GIG Go! Control Panel

2GIG GC3 Control Panel With 4G LTE Cell Sled

2GIG Alarm Control Panel Features

Z-Wave Modules

Z-Wave enables wireless communications for the automation of lighting, temperature control, and other smart home and business features. With Z-Wave wireless system controls built into many of today's 2GIG alarm panels, home systems can be made both secure and smart.

Duress Signal and Emergency Alarm

Even when disarmed, customers can manually enter a duress code into their control panel keypad to activate an alarm and sirens. Customers hold on to the Panic, Fire, or Emergency buttons to receive an appropriate response.

Weather Display

2GIG Go! and GC3 Control Panels feature with Weather Display for 5-day weather forecasts when combined with access to a cell radio and a remote services provider.

Voice Annunciation

Voice annunciation of system status and home automation features.

For example, "alarm disabled" may be spoken when the system status is set to disarm on the touchscreen with a user code.

Other Features

Depending on the model, 2GIG alarm control panels may also include features such as seamless integration with smart business devices and the ability to customize alert settings.

About 2GIG Technologies

Multiple user codes support access to buildings protected by 2GIG alarm control panels

2GIG Technologies designs and manufactures burglar alarms, home automation devices, and other smart home products that primarily support residential and small commercial security.

Industries That Use 2GIG Panels and Accessories

Residential customers use 2GIG systems to protect their homes and to improve their home's comfort and convenience with smart home automation features.

Small commercial customers like retail shops, convenience stores, small clinics, and offices use 2GIG security panels to protect their assets, deter intruders, and manage energy consumption and HVAC systems. 2GIG panel alarm systems and accessories are especially popular with small businesses that require less complex security systems at lower prices.

2GIG Wireless Systems and Mammoth Security

We can set up your 2GIG alarm panel system in Connecticut.

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