DMP Burglar Alarms

Why Do You Need a DMP Burglar Alarm?

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has a well-deserved reputation for designing and manufacturing reliable and effective business security systems. In fact, their burglar alarms are some of the best on the market.

A DMP burglar alarm can provide comprehensive security and protection beyond typical warnings when there's an intrusion. DMP systems can be integrated with access control and security camera installations, and some can even be integrated with Z-Wave devices for temperature and lighting control.

DMP supports more wireless zones than most security systems, and customers can access a range of advanced security management tools through their browser or smartphone app.

How Does a DMP Burglar Alarm Work?

Digital Monitoring Products installation

DMP burglar systems include motion detectors and sensors, such as door and window sensors, to recognize potential threats. When a DMP sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to its control panel, which then activates the alarm.

Instant alerts sent to customers allow for quick responses to security threats.

Benefits of a DMP Burglar Alarm

Wireless Capabilities

DMP burglar alarms support more wireless zones than most security systems. In fact, built-in two-way wireless capabilities let customers manage their security system quickly and easily without any reliance on hardwired connections at all.

Advanced Integrations

DMP is celebrated as a company for providing advanced integrations between access control and alarm systems. Advanced integrations save money and time by combining business security systems and monitors on a single intuitive interface.

Through the DMP Virtual Keypad App, customers have full access to security functions like arm/disarm for alarms, lock/unlock for access control points, and even management of Z-Wave devices like lights, thermostats, and even faucets.

DMP Security Control Panels

XT30 Panel

XT50 Panel

XR Command Processor Panel

DMP Burglar Alarm Security System Features

Access Control Solution

As with DMP fire and burglar alarms, their easy-to-integrate access control systems are designed for navigability and ease of use.

Bluetooth and Mobile Credentials

DMP is famous for top-grade access control readers and credentials that feature added layers of encryption for enhanced security.

DMP's SR3 Bluetooth and Proximity readers make access control safer and more seamless than ever.

RFID cards are used in many access control systems, but DMP's SR3 Bluetooth readers rely on data transfers from smartphones that cannot be duplicated. SR3 proximity readers reduce bottlenecks at busy entrances by capturing credentials and assessing them without the need for swiping.

DMP life-safety solutions

DMP Virtual Keypad

With the DMP Virtual Keypad app, customers can manage alarms, access privileges, and in some cases, their entire security camera installation on one intuitive interface.

Industries That Use DMP

DMP is used in industries such as retail, government, and financial services. Their products are also used to secure multifamily residential complexes and commercial offices.

About DMP

DMP was created in 1975 in Missouri. DMP continues to manufacture all of its top-grade solutions for life security and access control in the U.S.

Mammoth Security and DMP

A great team for professional DMP knowledge

We want you to know that you can trust our team at Mammoth Security to develop and install the right security solutions to protect your commercial property. From alarms and access control to cameras and cabling, we take pride in what we do and we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you.

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DMP is a very good alarm system by a great company. All of their alarms are made in the U.S. and are tested by a team of in-house quality control experts before distribution.


In the security field, DMP stands for Digital Monitoring Products. DMP is respected by professionals in the security industry because they create efficient technologies that answer the safety concerns of businesses.


A DMP control panel is the software brain behind a DMP security system. The panel is the point at which all security assessments are made by the system. DMP panels like the DMP XT Series and Command Processor Panel even let customers control both their access control system and their burglar and fire alarms on one single panel with a single interface.

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