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Security Cameras

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75% Of ALL Crime In The U.S. Is Property Crime

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Analog camera 25 ft away


Our HD camera 25 ft away

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View your camera system through IOS & Android apps. A web portal is also available for viewing on any computer.

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All of our cameras are atleast 9x the resolution of ONE Analog camera. Our 10 Megapixel cameras are 30x the resolution.

security cameras

Our systems are modular and can be added to easily at anytime. Cost effectively add a camera to your new problem area.

CCTV Surveillance Systems in New Haven


New Haven is the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Connecticut, and is expectedly home to an equally large population. The 2010 United States Census puts New Haven’s population at 129,779 people, which has rapidly increased to 130,741 by July 2012. New Haven considers itself as the Cultural Capital of the state, primarily because it is the site of many established theaters, music venues, and museums.


The densely-packed large population, coupled with the large number of establishments result in an unusually high crime rate. New Haven has a crime index of 6, which means it is only safer than 6% of U.S cities. This is taken from the number of annual crimes committed in the city, which averages at 6,623 total crimes committed on a yearly basis, 5,435 of which are property crimes.


The high crime rate make security a high priority for any one living in New Haven, especially since the city is home to Yale University, where young adults are more at risk of being caught in the middle of a crime as it happens. And while there is an abundance of New Haven security cameras at expected places such as government owned properties and public places, these surveillance systems tend to use outdated hardware that produces crude video footages, not very useful at identifying faraway items and persons and particularly difficult to use as court evidence.


It is therefore important for residents of New Haven to find a surveillance camera installer on their own, so that they can protect their properties and family properly and without relying on outdated (and probably poorly-installed ) public CCTVs. This is where Mammoth Security comes in.


Mammoth Security is a CCTV camera installer that offers commercial surveillance systems for clients with different needs, be they residential homeowners who just want to keep their home and family safe, or business owners who wish to secure large warehouses or multiple storefronts. A commercial camera installation installed by Mammoth Security boasts of a number of advantages:

Wide Variety of HD Cameras

We offer an extensive list of cameras that can cater to our client’s needs, depending on whether they need the best that money can buy or the most affordable yet decent performing camera. Our cameras are capable of high quality footages, so there is no need to struggle with pixelation, static, or any other noises in your videos.


Remote Monitoring Capabilities

The camera surveillance systems that we employ take advantage of internet-capable mobile devices in order to provide remote viewing capability. All the is needed is to install the apps on an iOS or Android device and property owners can safely monitor the video feeds from a distance, or even miles away from the sites. Our wireless cameras also make installation possible in situations that would normally make wire camera installation difficult or unfeasible, such as inside elevators or in locations that are significantly far away from the monitors.


Modular Systems

Surveillance cameras normally require you to be within or near the site in order to watch the video feeds on their monitor, but Mammoth Security can install cameras that can be viewed anywhere in the country using an iOS or Android based app, and an Internet capable mobile device. With this functionality, you will be free to monitor your property even if you’re at work or on vacation. A functionality like this can also be employed for novel purposes, such as making use of a CCTV camera as a baby monitor.


Modular Installation

Our surveillance systems are modular, so clients can choose a small system first and just add more cameras, storage, or DVRs when their needs change. Additionally, the modularity extends to systems that are not installed by Mammoth Systems, so clients that already have CCTV surveillance systems installed can ask us to expand or modify their existing installations to better suit their current requirements.


Safety is paramount in New Haven, and being lax about your surveillance needs poses very real risks to one’s property, business, or family. So contact us today through our phone number or through our website’s contact form if you have further inquires, or if you want a free quote.


Our services are available in every corner of Connecticut, including but not limited to such towns as: New Britain, Bridgeport, Stamford, Greenwich.

Top-Rated Security Camera Installation in New Haven, Connecticut

Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven is located at 857 Whalley Ave Suite 201, New Haven, CT 06515, United States. From Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN) head southwest and turn left. Now continue onto Fort Hale Rd and turn right onto Townsend Ave. Next turn left onto Main St/Main Street Anx and use the right 2 lanes to take the ramp onto I-95 S. Then take the exit toward Mlk Blvd/Downtown/New Haven and continue onto Oak Street Connector. Now use the right 3 lanes to turn slightly right toward State Rd 34 W and continue onto State Rd 34 W. Then continue onto N Frontage Rd/M.L.K. Jr. Blvd. After that use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Ella T Grasso Blvd. Finally, turn left onto Whalley Ave and Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven will be on the right.
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