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Rave Review from City Hall

Watch this short video to find out what New Britain’s mayor has to say about her city’s experience with Mammoth Security. Not only did our team of designers and installation experts give City Hall a world-class surveillance and access control makeover, we got the job done on time and under budget.

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Surveillance cameras are the go-to resource for cost-effective evidence gathering, recovery of stolen goods, and deterrence of crime. The right security cameras can even reduce your insurance bill. At Mammoth Security in New Haven, CT, we take pride in providing first-rate security camera installations and security system upgrades of every size and at every level of complexity--both for business properties and home security.

  • Our professional security camera installers know the ins and outs of security camera installation and are ready to hear your ideas, share answers to your questions, and design a security system that's at the right price and tailored to your home or business security concerns.
  • With a few questions and a free in-person, no-commitment assessment of your location, we'll discuss your options and provide free project-cost information to help you make informed decisions before going forward with any project.
  • Our IP security cameras give you the most control over your security by letting you monitor your camera at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Our HD (High Definition) digital security cameras produce footage several times more precise than anything you'd get with a traditional analog camera. By going the high-def way, your security system will be able to capture more actionable evidence of things like human faces and license plates.

Access Control

Our access control technology is designed to ensure that access to protected sites and information is limited to people with proper authorizations.

  • Use access control management software to grant and revoke location privileges instantly and on an individual basis.
  • Smart cards, key fobs, and other objects with identity-verifying data are read and authenticated by door readers before door locks are released.
  • Biometric tools like facial recognition software and fingerprint readers create the highest level of security by assessing an individual’s unique physical characteristics before allowing entry to project site locations.

Voice & Data Wiring

Voice and data wiring is the long-term solution for any business that needs reliable connectedness with their Internet server and between devices in their office. With a structured cabling system installed by Mammoth Security, all of your internal devices, telecommunications, and building management systems will be supported on a fast and secure network.

  • Avoid bad conference call streaming, slow downloads, and even dropped internet connections by relying on a structured cabling system.
  • Structured cabling systems are easily scalable so that you can add continuously to your network capacity as your business grows.
  • Our installers take pride in providing the highest quality security services in the North Haven and New Haven, CT, area. When our people carry cables for a project at your location, you'll get an affordable system that's well designed and built to last.

Burglar Alarms

Whether you're seeking to protect your home or your business, our installation team will match you to the burglar alarm system you need. We can design and build a brand new system--or we can keep costs down by upgrading your existing system with wires and sensors you already have.

  • A burglar alarm from Mammoth Security comes with a smartphone app that lets you remotely access and view your camera system at any time.
  • Our knowledgeable installation team knows how to design security systems that have fewer false alarms. And if your alarm sensors are triggered, you'll receive real-time notifications, the attention of a professional monitoring service, and of course access to the surveillance footage on your app.
  • Because you can review break-in footage wherever you are, you’ll be able to verify genuine break-ins to receive more urgent police support. And in the event of a false alarm, you'll be spared needless worry and be able to call off an emergency response.

Fire Alarms

At Mammoth Security in New Haven, CT, our installation experts are serious about fire security systems because we know that fire is the deadliest intruder of all.

  • We specialize in reliable, professional installations of fire alarm systems for both home security and commercial facilities regardless of their size and complexity.
  • Our knowledgeable installers will inspect your existing fire devices for functionality and efficient placement.
  • We'll find your fire safety weak points and make sure you're up to code.
  • We even design smart home and smart business access control systems that integrate with fire alarms to shut fire doors in hallways and unlock doors for easy exits during emergencies.

Recent Installations in New Haven

Propark Mobility

When you leave your car with the world-class security team at Propark on Sylvan Avenue, you can be sure that it’s safe from harm. They brought us in to furnish and install a state-of-the-art, AI-supported surveillance system with high-definition cameras and a cutting-edge NVR.

New Haven Awning

Our crew installed the surveillance system throughout New Haven Awning’s property. With comprehensive footage day and night and an NVR that can recognize faces and cars, they’ll have no trouble finding the security footage they need when they need it fast.

Project M.O.R.E

Our team furnished and configured Project M.O.R.E.’s new NVR system for high-definition digital surveillance storage at the Walter Brooks House. Then we installed four new dome cameras for night vision and wide-angle views.

Local Areas we Serve

West Haven, Orange, Shelton, Woodbridge, Ansonia, East Haven, North Haven, Hamden.

About New Haven, CT


New Haven, CT, is the easternmost major coastal city in Connecticut. Founded in the seventeenth century by Puritans who gave it one of the first planned grids in the world, New Haven has maintained its original layout to this day. Famous as a center of arts, food culture, and education, New Haven is the home of the New Haven Green, Yale University, and New Haven-style pizza.

While New Haven has much to offer, it is ranked as the 36th most dangerous city in the country and it's the number one most dangerous city in Connecticut. Every year, one in twenty-eight people in New Haven, CT, will be the victim of a property crime. Security answers such as monitoring cameras and burglar alarms are necessary to deter crime and help to secure residential and business establishments.

HD Digital Video Cameras

The analog cameras used in most surveillance systems today produce poor-quality video footage--especially of subjects that are far away or moving. After a crime like burglary or vandalism, when you need clear details of things like faces and license plates, the limitations of traditional analog cameras can let you down.


At Mammoth Security, we make sure you get the most out of your security camera installation by using advanced HD (High Definition) digital cameras. With high-resolution and actionable HD shots, you’ll have more of the details you need to recognize perpetrators, recover property, and make New Haven safer.


Modular Installations

Many of our clients hire us to repair surveillance systems that have been installed by other businesses. If an upgrade or repair services are what you're looking for, we know you’ve already invested a lot in your security and we want to help you keep the price down.


Thanks to the modularity of our security products, our team can install surveillance cameras and other security systems while reusing a lot of project materials you have from a previous job. We can create an integrated system that will save money while still reaching the highest standards in the industry.


Remote Viewing Capability

With a security camera installation from Mammoth Security, you don’t need to be in a control room or even on the premises to monitor your security system. Our IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance camera systems come with a mobile app that lets you watch your camera footage in real time from anywhere in the world. And because our remote viewing technologies let you verify break-ins as soon as they happen, they're an essential tool for a fast police response while crimes are still in progress.

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