Gas Station Security

Today's high-definition IP security camera systems provide gas station owners with security footage that's easier to access and more clear and reliable than ever before.

The past decade has seen the development of cutting-edge technologies to meet the full range of gas station security needs.

This includes access control systems that protect inventory and maintain employee safety at the cash register, license plate recognition cameras that collect evidence at parking lots, IP (Internet Protocol) systems that enable gas station owners to view and manage their CCTV system from anywhere, and high-definition cameras that capture detailed, actionable footage that is far more useful than the grainy footage collected by cameras in the past.

How Do Gas Station Security Camera Systems Work?

A proper gas station security camera system includes surveillance cameras, low-voltage cabling, and devices like network video recorders (NVRs), digital video recorders (DVRs), and video management systems (VMSs) for footage storage and management.

Advancements in Gas Station Security Camera Technology

Security cameras for gas stations provide high-definition, remotely accessible security camera system footage on easy to manage interfaces.

What Are Gas Station Security Cameras Used For?

Gas station security camera systems keep your property safe inside and out.

A robust security system will reduce crime at your gas station through deterrence alone. But if your gas station is robbed, clear footage from high-definition or high-resolution cameras can provide actionable evidence of license plates, suspect faces, and more.

Indoor Security Cameras for Gas Station Cash Registers

The convenience area of a gas station often provides the most significant portion of its profit. Unfortunately, convenience stores are especially at risk of armed robbery because they contain cash registers that thieves view as easy points of contact.

A strong camera system that monitors every point of sale will discourage thieves from selecting your gas station for robbery. Moreover, cash register cameras discourage customer fraud and employee theft. And in the event of customer fraud or employee theft, these cameras provide the proof needed to identify and prevent ongoing criminal behavior.

Indoor Security Cameras for Gas Station Aisles

High-definition security cameras guarding your aisles can deter shoplifters and aid in their prosecution.

While many large business operations can absorb inventory shrinkage, gas stations often depend on large margins from convenience store sales to offset other expenses. As a result, even small-scale shoplifting can destroy the bottom line of a gas station.

Outdoor Security Cameras to Reduce Fuel Theft

Outdoor cameras should protect gas station pumps to deter criminals who would otherwise pump and drive without paying.

Outdoor security cameras like these keep gas stations secure. Gas stations use security camera systems to reduce theft at gas pump islands.

All outdoor cameras have IP (Ingress Protection) ratings that represent their ability to prevent liquids like rainwater and solids like dust from interfering with their internal components.

If you’re selecting cameras to monitor parking lots, fuel pumps, and other outdoor areas, be sure to select those with a minimum rating of IP65—and go for an even higher rating if your camera won’t be sheltered beneath an overhang. (IP68 is the highest rating possible for outdoor security cameras.)

Camera Systems With Artificial Intelligence

All types of cameras are available in models that feature artificial intelligence, and some video management systems can even apply artificial intelligence to footage collected by regular cameras. AI-supported systems cost more, but their ability to replace security personnel and minimize losses makes them well worth the investment.

Gas stations benefit from a security camera system with remote monitoring abilities to reduce employee theft and keep your gas station safe.

Types of Security Cameras for Gas Stations

When it comes to gas station security cameras, the five kinds most often used are bullet cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, turret cameras, and license plate reading cameras.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are the least compact and most noticeable type of security camera—which is why they're the type that provides the greatest deterrence effect.

The relatively large form of a bullet camera also provides adequate internal space for features like focal adjustment and rotatable lenses. These options enable bullet cameras to capture a wide variety of viewing angles and depths of the field.

Dome Cameras

Discreet, sturdy, and stylish, dome cameras support many indoor and outdoor business video surveillance needs. They're especially suited to monitoring in upscale settings where customers may consider bullet cameras overly aggressive.

Turret Cameras

Thanks to socket-like mounts, ball-like cameras, and optical zoom features, a single turret camera is able to rotate widely and capture high-resolution footage from both wide viewing angles and narrow, close-up viewing angles.

PTZ Cameras

Enact loss prevention techniques at convenience stores with surveillance systems that use PTZ cameras.

PTZ security cameras can be remotely controlled to pan horizontally, tilt vertically, and zoom in and out of fields of view—all while maintaining high-definition footage. Simply put, PTZs give the camera operator the greatest control over the field of view and depth of field.

Outdoor Security Cameras to Record License Plates

License plate recognition technology has developed exponentially over the past ten years. Today's specialized license plate cameras can recognize plates and record their digits, making it possible to quickly find perpetrators of fuel theft, vandals, and shoplifters as they leave your parking lot.

License plate recognition cameras are still new enough that many shoplifters, armed robbers, and other bad actors have yet to realize that they can easily be tracked down if they arrive on your property in a vehicle.

Other Gas Station Security Systems

Protect employees with access control equipment.

In addition to the installation of surveillance cameras, businesses can now enact additional security measures to keep customers and employees safe.

Access Control for Gas Stations

Access control systems prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, such as storage spaces and employee-only zones behind glass partitions.

Access systems work by requiring the presentation of key cards, Bluetooth signals, or other credentials for authentication at a door reader. Once the reader authenticates the credential, it transmits the credential's data to a control panel. At that point, the control panel cross-checks the credential against site authorizations. An electronic unlock signal is transmitted to the door only when the system finds a match between a presented credential and preset access privileges.

Burglar Alarms for Gas Stations

Intrusion detection is especially important for storage rooms and gas stations that aren't open 24/7.

Our team at Mammoth Security has the experience and know-how to customize, install, and maintain burglar and fire alarms that reliably monitor properties for signs of danger (while producing fewer false alarms).

Mammoth Security Knows Gas Station Security

Monitoring convenience stores and keeping customers safe with custom-made security systems.

There's no better time than the present to protect your gas station or convenience store from shoplifters, armed robbers, and employee theft. But it can be challenging to develop a monitoring system that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Luckily, the experts at Mammoth Security know how to design and install cost-effective gas station security systems. If you're ready to take the next step toward securing your gas station or convenience store, fill out the simple form below, and we'll quickly respond to arrange your complimentary site survey.

You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we walk through your property, discuss your security concerns, and begin to develop a camera system that’s perfectly tailored to your gas station's needs.

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