Warehouse Security Systems

From cameras and access controllers to alarm systems and cabling, our experts at Mammoth Security have the experience and know-how to customize and install top-grade warehouse security systems to protect your staff and inventory.

Challenges to Warehouse Security

Between theft, fire, and employees with rotating access to dangerous machinery and high-value inventory, warehouse operations are rife with liabilities that make a strong security management system essential for warehouse operations.


Warehouses are an attractive target for both external thieves and employees with easy access to inventory. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), cargo theft costs U.S. warehouses between $15 to $30 billion dollars every single year.

And according to the "2020 Organized Retail Crime Survey," 40 percent of retail companies report being victims of warehouse theft. In fact, the survey suggests that more inventory theft occurs at warehouses than at retail stores.


A small fire in a warehouse can quickly escalate. Fire alone costs warehouses $155 million in damages and an average of three deaths every year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire departments are called to more than 1,200 warehouse fires every year and only about 25 percent of those fires are contained.


With so much physical work and moving machinery, some warehouse employees will eventually be injured on the job. Lax warehouse security can result in lawsuits and fines that put you out of business.

Your security manager should consistently monitor work practices to keep employees safe and reduce your liability in the event of an injury.

Warehouse Security Solutions

Our team at Mammoth Security has the experience and expertise to design and install surveillance cameras and physical security systems that address the unique challenges facing warehouses of all layouts and sizes.

With a customized security system, your security management team can be empowered to monitor employees effectively, deter thieves, protect merchandise, and collect actionable evidence.

Theft Prevention With Security Cameras

Employee theft is almost inevitable, but letting it continue unchecked isn't. When a camera system fails to deter internal thieves, its footage can help to identify perpetrators early on and prevent continuous losses.

At Mammoth Security, our experience has taught us to recommend upgrading to IP camera systems because they provide clear footage, enable remote access to footage anytime, and make long-term storage possible.

With the high-definition footage captured by an IP camera system, strangers who break into warehouses can be recognized by law enforcement or the public, and personnel who steal can be caught in the act with footage clear enough to leave no room for doubt.

Warehouse Surveillance Systems for Safety and Liability Protection

With the aid of a monitoring camera system, warehouse safety at even the largest sites can be consistently enforced so that risky employee behaviors can be recognized and corrected before they result in injuries and deaths.

Camera system footage also provides warehouse managers with video evidence in the event of an injury for which they are not at fault.

Warehouse Security Cameras with AI Support

Many security cameras and video management systems on the market today are capable of facial recognition, object counting, and suspicious behavior detection.

The ROI for an investment in AI-supported security begins with fewer security patrols needed and turbocharged, vastly more effective loss prevention. Systems with artificial intelligence also feature smart filters to make it fast and easy to search through past footage that might otherwise require hundreds of research hours.

Access Control Systems for Warehouse Security

With so many people coming and going, all with different access privileges, modern and cloud access control is an essential tool for both loss prevention and warehouse safety.

An up-to-date access control system not only restricts entry to authorized personnel but also logs access data so that warehouse managers have a complete record of the who, the where, and the when of all site entries, entry attempts, and exits.

Security Cages

Security cages are a form of access control specially designed for warehouse security. They separate high-traffic areas from sensitive and low-traffic areas, effectively limiting access to zones or aisles containing hazardous or expensive inventory.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems deter thieves or limit the time they are able to operate before apprehension.

At Mammoth Security, our warehouse alarm systems can be paired with cloud-based smartphone apps. With such a pairing, automatic remote alerts are instantly provided, no matter where you or your security team happen to be.

We also recommend integrating your camera system with your alarms. By connecting these different systems, your team will receive security footage alongside alarm notifications--allowing them to differentiate false alarms from genuine emergencies.

What's more, law enforcement is much more likely to be dispatched when alarms are confirmed by video surveillance.

Fire Alarm Systems

A well-functioning fire alarm system with instant notifications and containment protocols in place can be even more important than intrusion detection. Because a single overheated wire can rapidly result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost inventory, reconstruction needs, and injury claims, it's necessary to test your fire alarms regularly and have effective containment protocols in place.


What are the benefits of an integrated system for warehouse security?

Advancements in warehouse security system tools make it possible to integrate security camera systems, fire alarms, motion sensors, access control systems, and even barcode scanners together for superior warehouse management that strengthens security.

An integrated security system strengthens and reinforces each business security solution component through cross-communication. With an integrated system, a single interface can be used by security management to restrict access at multiple entry points, surveil large spaces, and respond with adequate information when fire alarms and burglar alarm motion sensors are triggered.

Can a warehouse security system aid in inventory tracking and logistics?

A warehouse security system can help with more than losses from theft, injury, and fire.

Warehouse security cameras and access control can support your inventory management system by logging and visually tracking all comings and goings at entryway security doors and providing visual evidence of products from the moment they enter a warehouse or storage facility to the moment they leave.

A strong inventory tracking system can help to reduce inventory shrinkage and recognize internal security threats.

What is the best security camera system for a warehouse?

A warehouse security camera system usually uses a variety of security cameras to capture different depths, angles, and fields of view. In addition to security cameras for complete coverage, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras let warehouse security teams track people and objects as they move around a property.

Do warehouses need outdoor security systems?

With an indoor and outdoor camera system, opportunities to collect actionable evidence multiply, from people removing masks too soon or too late to the capture of vehicle information from AI-supported license-plate reader cameras.

Access control gate systems provide security solutions for outdoor premises. Because most warehouses, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities have restricted access gate control is rarely an inconvenient element in a warehouse security system.

Can a security system help with employee safety?

A video surveillance security camera system empowers warehouse managers to enforce employee safety protocols, such as the use of personal protective equipment and adherence to OSHA regulations.

Do warehouse security camera systems reduce theft?

Without adequate warehouse security measures, such as camera systems, external thieves and on-site employees can feel tempted to take advantage of easy access to valuable inventory. Camera systems provide a lot of deterrence.

What other security measures should be taken to protect warehouses?

A warehouse security camera system and access control system are essential components of warehouse security systems, but other warehouse security measures include strong warehouse doors, reinforced glass for windows, and window placement above ground level.

Adequate warehouse lighting is essential to meet both safety and security needs. Adequate warehouse lighting helps security cameras capture clear evidence and helps security patrols monitor warehouse premises on foot and electronically using other systems.

Window security systems with reinforced glass are also recommended security measures to prevent warehouse theft. Professional installers can furnish and install specialized window locking mechanisms along with burglar alarms and other motion sensors to provide protection from break-in attempts.

Secure Your Warehouse With Mammoth Security

We want you to know that you can trust our team at Mammoth Security to design and install the right security systems to keep your inventory and employees safe. From commercial security cameras and cabling to alarms and access control, we have a lot of experience customizing security solutions for warehouses and similar sites, including storage spaces, loading docks, manufacturing plants, and even airplane hangars. We take pride in our ability to dramatically improve warehouse security, and we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you.

If you're ready to take the next step toward securing your warehouse, just fill out the simple form below to receive a free, zero-obligation site consultation from Mammoth Security. You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we survey your warehouse, discuss your security concerns, spot points where your security can be improved, and begin to develop a security system that’s expertly tailored to your warehouse’s unique layout and needs.

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