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Security Cameras

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75% Of ALL Crime In The U.S. Is Property Crime

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Industry Security Solutions


Analog camera 25 ft away


Our HD camera 25 ft away

security system

View your camera system through IOS & Android apps. A web portal is also available for viewing on any computer.

security system

All of our cameras are atleast 9x the resolution of ONE Analog camera. Our 10 Megapixel cameras are 30x the resolution.

security cameras

Our systems are modular and can be added to easily at anytime. Cost effectively add a camera to your new problem area.

The Mammoth Security Difference


Boston is the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, US, and one of the country’s oldest cities, tracing its roots back to 1630 when it was founded by Puritan settlers from England. Boston is the US’ most populous city, with its 48 square miles being home to an estimated population of 667,137 (as of 2015 census).


The dense population results in a high crime rate. According to statistics, Boston has a total of 21,503 crime incidents on average per year, with a crime rate of 32.23 crimes committed per 1,000 resident. Of the 21,503 total, 16,732 of which are property crimes. This makes Boston a risky place for property owners whether it’s for residential or business use, as the potential for burglary, illegal settlement, and vandalism is high. Boston Security Cameras are available, and…


To protect your property, Mammoth Security offers security camera installation that uses state of the art technology and custom-tailored to your needs, whether you want to protect a residential property, a business establishment, or a number of properties.

Commercial Camera Installation Benefits

Mammoth Security is the leading surveillance and camera system installer in Boston, Connecticut and is the best choice if you want to protect your property. Our systems are affordable, scalable, and will be deployed by experienced, trained CCTV camera installer.


Getting one of our surveillance systems is guaranteed to give you peace of mind. Other practical benefits of security cameras:


  • Many business insurance policies provide discounts if a location comes equipped with a security system.
  • A surveillance security system works a deterrent in a lot of cases. Instead of catching criminals in the act, you actually scare them away.
  • It’s not just about crimes. A CCTV camera system can be of use in a workplace. Employees are less likely to commit infractions if they are aware that someone is watching.
  • It could save you from a costly court battle – video evidence of specific areas will keep you safe from extortionist “slip and fall” lawsuits.


Best Surveillance Camera Choice

All of Mammoth Security’s camcorders provide Ultra HD resolution, boasting of at least 9x the resolution that an analog devices can provide. This results in footages that are much clearer. The videos will help identify people, incidents, and other details that would normally be lost or ambiguous if captured by a traditional camera. We have devices that can record in high quality even in the dark, so poor lighting or the absence of them won’t be a problem. Our systems accommodate longer footages. The common practice is to keep only 30 days of footage available for review. But there are industries that require more time due to federal or state regulations. Mammoth Security is a perfect choice in these cases.


The cameras allow remote viewing through iOS and Android mobile devices, and there’s an option to view through a web portal. The result is a camera surveillance system that is easy to manage, as it doesn’t require you to be stuck in a single place just to monitor the feeds.


Our systems are modular. You can add more cameras if your needs grow, or if new problem areas require monitoring. This is perfect for businesses in Boston that decide to expand or residential homeowners who realized that there are areas in their property that are unmonitored.


Even if you already have an existing camera surveillance system, Mammoth Security offers solutions that can integrate with your existing analog or digital system. Upgrades are possible, where we can replace existing cameras with new, high definition ones that will use the existing wiring or framework. These types of upgrades are popular because of the cost-savings associated with reusing existing wiring.


Our services are available in every corner of Connecticut, including but not limited to such towns as: Fairfield, West Hartford, Hartford, East Hartford, etc.

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