Construction Site Security

Between exposed outdoor project locations, valuable building materials, and the growth of organized theft syndicates, contractors and developers face unique security and safety challenges at construction job sites.

Construction Site Theft and Vandalism

In recent years, supply chain shortages and increasing demand for construction industry equipment and materials have resulted in the proliferation of crime rings that target construction sites.

In fact, more than one-fifth of construction job sites in the U.S. are targeted every week. Over the 2022 Memorial Day holiday weekend alone, there were 320 reported incidents of equipment theft at construction company job sites.

According to a National Equipment Register report, theft of heavy equipment alone costs construction businesses $400 million every year. And even power tool theft is up--in large part because thieves know that law enforcement is unlikely to spend time looking for equipment below a certain dollar value.

Between all theft and vandalism, as much as $1 billion is lost on job sites due to inadequate security every year. Perhaps even more damaging than losses to material theft are the significant worker downtimes and delays to work progress caused by the wait for replacements.

Solutions to Protect Your Construction Site

Because of the unique challenges presented by many job site locations, construction industry security systems often require components that are rarely used in commercial settings.

Security Cameras for Construction Sites

Construction site security cameras can be installed on temporary job-site tools like trailers.

Construction site security cameras help managers keep an eye on valuable construction tools, building materials, and other job site equipment both during and after active work hours.

Wireless Cameras for Construction Site Security

While hardwired security systems are recommended for most commercial properties, many sites under construction lack electricity and the infrastructure needed to run electrical cabling.

Wireless video surveillance cameras are therefore a smart choice for sites without reliable electricity. These cameras often include internal batteries or rechargeable battery components, and they provide alerts when they're running low.

NVRs and Cellular Connections for Construction Site Security Cameras

Construction site security is improved by using video surveillance systems with cellular Internet access.

Our experts here at Mammoth Security usually recommend hardwired IP (Internet Protocol) cameras for commercial installations because they stream clear footage live on mobile devices, allowing security and project managers to watch their job site locations at any time remotely.

Because many construction project locations lack Internet or Wi-Fi access points, we recommend cameras that can live stream using cellular data. And we also recommend NVR devices for construction site cameras because they store job site footage and can function independently of Internet access.

Portable High-Quality Cameras for Construction Site Security

Portable High-Quality Cameras for Construction Site Security

Job locations often pose physical challenges to camera placement, but construction site security cameras can be mounted on utility poles, trailers, temporary workstations, and other areas. Even better, our experts at Mammoth Security can set up portable camera installations that can be dismantled and moved to new project locations as needed.

Other Benefits of Construction Site Video Surveillance

Construction site surveillance cameras can do more than protect job sites. For example, managers use them to keep tabs on job site progress with less legwork by recording and tracking staff, deliveries, and subcontractor activities. What's more, the excellent image quality of the cameras we install provides marketers with exciting time-lapse images to promote projects.

Motion Sensors and Deterrents

When thieves or trespassers arrive on your property after hours with hopes of quietly making off with thousands of dollars of equipment and inventory, our team at Mammoth Security knows how to handle them.

We install motion sensors with activated audio and visual deterrents to address those thieves who arrive on your job site after hours hoping to help themselves to your valuable inventory. Most thieves scurry away when blaring alarm sirens, flashing strobe lights, and aggressive one-way speakers draw attention to what they had thought would be a quiet, after-hours construction site. And if alarms don't stop criminals in their tracks, a fast police response is possible thanks to eye-witness reports you can make thanks to your construction site security camera system.

We recommend integrating the cameras we install with motion sensors and alarm systems that provide instant app notifications when disturbed.

With an integrated security system, it's easy to sort false alarms from genuine emergencies. What's more, the ability to verify alarms with eye-witness accounts to law enforcement usually results in priority dispatch. With faster response times, you are much more likely to catch thieves and vandals in the act.

Some of the most cutting-edge construction site security systems are equipped with features like smart intrusion detection. With AI support, these camera systems can differentiate between actual human threats and things like raccoons, badgers, and shadows swaying in the wind. Motion-sensor lighting sends trespassers scurrying away. As soon as a sensor is triggered, the site is fully lit.

Remote Monitoring for Construction Sites

Security cameras go a long way toward deterring thieves and vandals, but those cameras are much more effective when security guards are monitoring them.

Our team at Mammoth Security understands that round-the-clock, in-person security guards aren’t always economical. But we also know that your assets are no less valuable on holidays or late at night.

Fortunately, remote security monitoring services like Pro-Vigil specialize in affordable construction site monitoring. That’s why we partner with Pro-Vigil, a 24/7 live monitoring service that pairs the cutting-edge surveillance systems we install with affordable, round-the-clock security monitoring.

This is how it works.

Footage from the high-definition IP cameras that our team installs at your site is live-streamed for active monitoring by highly trained security professionals. They keep watch over your property whenever you need them–whether that’s 24/7 or just during certain hours.

Our highly trained security experts know what to look for and how to act fast. With surveillance cameras as their eyes in the sky and the added aid of AI-based analytics, Pro-Vigil’s remote security monitors are able to quickly spot unwanted activities that guards unaided by AI technology would fail to recognize in a timely manner.

Porous Access Points

Unlike most industries, construction companies often have temporary locations that are outdoors or open to the elements. With valuable assets like heavy machinery that can't be locked down, construction sites are particularly vulnerable to crime rings that use trailers and other equipment to make off with heavy machinery and costly materials like lumber and copper that are difficult to lock down and can be resold.

With access control, you can limit people allowed in areas of your job site or your job site completely.

GPS Trackers

Organized crime rings will go to extreme lengths to steal heavy equipment. If there's equipment you cannot lock down, add a discreet GPS tracker and etch identifying information on your tools and equipment to increase the likelihood that your assets will be returned.

Advanced Technology for Security at a Lower Price

Mammoth Security installing Security Cameras

Thanks for reading about construction site security on our website. We want you to know that you can trust our team at Mammoth Security to custom design and install surveillance systems for your site and connect you with trustworthy third-party services like Pro-Vigil. From cameras and cabling to alarms and access control, we take pride in what we do, and we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you.

If you're ready to take the next step toward securing your property, just fill out the simple form below to receive a free, zero-obligation site consultation. You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we survey your property, discuss your security concerns, spot points where your security can be improved, and begin to develop a security system that’s expertly tailored to your site’s unique layout and security needs.

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Wireless cameras are not reliable enough for commercial use yet. Instead, we use purpose-built antennae to connect hardwired cameras on light poles and buildings.


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