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2GIG vs. Honeywell

Honeywell and 2GIG offer a wide variety of security products, including alarm systems, wireless sensors, CCTV cameras, devices for smart home automation systems, and more. This review is dedicated to comparing these two brands and detailing their most notable product lines.

Overview: Honeywell vs. 2GIG

While both companies serve similar markets, their histories, products, and overall strategies differ.

Honeywell is a seasoned participant in the security system industry and has a broad product range, including home security cameras, wired and wireless sensors, and various home automation systems.

2GIG is a relatively new player in the security industry. They focus on wireless technology, with a particular emphasis on modern alarm panels and keypads.

Comparative Growth and Expansion


Honeywell has been a company in the security business since 1947. Their initial focus was on alarm systems, and they have since expanded into a diverse range of products, including wired and wireless sensors, home automation systems, residential security cameras, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Honeywell's extensive experience in the industry, combined with its commitment to innovation and security, positions them as a reliable and trusted brand of choice for many customers.


2GIG was founded in 2007, specifically focusing on modern wireless security systems. Over the years, the company has expanded its product line to include home automation devices.

Despite its relatively short time in the industry, 2GIG has made significant strides in innovation, particularly in its alarm panel offerings.

Target Market


Honeywell, with its broad product range, caters to both residential and commercial customers. Whether it's a small home or a large enterprise, Honeywell's broad product range offers scalable solutions and adaptable systems to support businesses of all sizes comfortably.

Honeywell intrusion alarm unit


2GIG primarily targets residential customers and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Product Overview


Honeywell is known for its diverse portfolio of security products, including alarms, security cameras, and devices compatible with smart home automation.

Here are some of Honeywell's most noteworthy product categories:

Honeywell Intrusion Alarms

Honeywell burglar alarms feature sophisticated technology, such as wireless sensors and user-friendly panels, that can detect unauthorized activities and provide alerts and notifications.

Honeywell's sensors range from motion detectors and glass-break detectors to environmental sensors that detect smoke, heat, and water leaks. These sensors are designed to ensure timely detection of security and safety risks.

Honeywell Fire Alarms

Fire security

Fire alarms by Honeywell are designed to detect both smoke and heat, helping companies to protect premises from the devastating effects of fire. These systems can be integrated into a broader security network for prompt responses when alarms are triggered.

Honeywell Access Control

From card readers to biometric scanners, Honeywell provides a range of access control solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.


2GIG is focused on wireless alarm technology.

Alarm Systems

2GIG burglar alarm systems are designed with user experience in mind. Their burglar alarms feature easy-to-use panels, wireless technology, and home automation capabilities.

2GIG offers a range of wireless sensors designed to integrate with their alarm systems seamlessly. These include motion detectors, glass-break detectors, wireless window sensors, and door entry devices.

2GIG Home Automation

2GIG's home automation systems allow users to connect and control a wide variety of devices, such as thermostats, lights, locks, and more. Their panels, including the GC3e and GC2e, are compatible with Z-Wave devices, a popular protocol in home automation.

Technological Innovations


Honeywell Vista Keypad

Honeywell has continuously strived to redefine security systems with their technological innovations.

Honeywell Lyric Controller

The Lyric Controller is Honeywell's premier security and automation control system. It boasts an intuitive touchscreen interface, support for up to 72 Z-Wave devices, and compatibility with smart home management tools like Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. The Lyric Controller also supports wireless sensors.

Honeywell Vista Series

The Vista Series is a set of wired and wireless alarm control wall panels. These wall panels offer excellent versatility and expandability by supporting a broad range of hardwired and wireless sensors. The Honeywell Vista series is ideal for large commercial premises that need a robust, sophisticated alarm system.

Honeywell LYNX Touch

The LYNX Touch is a wireless self-contained security system that features a bright, full-color touchscreen front panel. It offers Wi-Fi and Z-Wave connectivity, enabling it to integrate with a wide range of home automation devices.

Honeywell Total Connect

This is a platform that allows users to control and monitor their security, lighting, and temperature settings from their phone or any web-enabled device. It also supports camera surveillance and real-time alerts to keep you informed about your site's security status.


2GIG keypad

2GIG's primary focus is on developing wireless systems that can be installed easily and adapt to a user's needs.

eSeries Encryption Technology

One key 2GIG innovation is the integration of eSeries encrypted technology into their panels. Encryption adds an additional layer of security to modern panels, ensuring that signals between the panel and sensors cannot be intercepted or tampered with.


The GC3e is a wireless touchscreen panel with a user-friendly interface. It supports up to 100 wireless zones and 100 user codes—offering ample room for expansion. The panel features eSeries encrypted technology for enhanced security.


The GC2e is a more economical alternative to the GC2e. It is also a wireless touchscreen panel but supports fewer zones and user codes than the GC3e. However, it maintains key features of GC3e, such as eSeries encryption and compatibility with 2GIG's wireless sensors and accessories.

Wireless Systems

When it comes to wireless alarm systems, reliability, and consistency are of utmost importance. While both 2GIG and Honeywell offer wireless solutions for protection, their performance levels in this area leave much to be desired.

2GIG's wireless alarms, such as those integrated into their GC3e and GC2e panels, have been a focal point of their product line. Nevertheless, concerns about reliability have been voiced by users. False alarms, sensor communication issues, and occasional system glitches have been reported, which, over time, have led to customer dissatisfaction and have the potential to result in overlooked security breaches.

DMP keypad

While Honeywell's wireless performance surpasses 2GIG's, it's worth noting that another manufacturer, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), is recognized for its superior, reliable wireless alarm systems.

DMP excels in wireless alarm management through its rigorous focus on quality control and innovative technology. DMP alarm systems, such as the XT Series and XTLplus, are renowned for their reliability and their advanced encryption techniques to secure communications between panels and sensors.

What's more, DMP's Two-Way Wireless communication technology enhances their systems' reliability by constantly monitoring the wireless signal path to ensure it's clear. This results in reliable, quick response times, which are crucial during security emergencies.

Quality and Performance


When it comes to quality and performance, Honeywell stands as a solid choice when compared to 2GIG. The brand has garnered trust and acclaim due to the consistency of its products. Honeywell's devices ensure accurate detection and quick communication.


Even though 2GIG specializes in wireless alarm systems and sensors, customers have reported significant reliability issues. These performance issues not only disrupt the user's day-to-day activities but also bring into question the security system's efficacy.

In short, 2GIG struggles with reliability, particularly when it comes to wireless systems.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Both Honeywell and 2GIG design user-friendly security systems. However, thanks to its easier navigation, smoother integration with other devices, and a more user-friendly remote platform, Honeywell is a more appealing choice for customers prioritizing ease of use in their security systems.

Security System Integration

Honeywell's systems, particularly the Honeywell Lyric, demonstrate strong integrative capabilities. Lyric is designed to support a wide range of devices, including wireless sensors, CCTV cameras, and Z-Wave devices for home automation.

This compatibility provides a platform for seamless integration for a more comprehensive security and home automation system.

2GIG's systems also support a broad range of automation devices, especially those using Z-Wave technology. However, the integration process can be more challenging due to the complexities of their system settings.

Pricing and Affordability

inside main Qolsys IQ Panel


Honeywell offers a range of security systems suitable for different budgets, making their products accessible to a broad audience. While their advanced systems, such as the Honeywell Lyric, might come with a higher price tag, they also provide superior functionality, integrative capabilities, and dependable performance.

Furthermore, Honeywell offers flexible options for purchasing add-on devices, such as wireless sensors and CCTV cameras. These options allow customers to expand their security systems based on their specific needs and budget constraints.


2GIG's pricing structure is competitive in the security industry, with their alarm systems often marketed as affordable options.

While their systems, like the GC3e and GC2e panels, might have lower upfront costs compared to some of Honeywell's offerings, customers should consider the potential additional costs of dealing with system reliability issues.

False alarms, sensor replacements, and technical support can all add unexpected costs over the lifespan of a security system. Therefore, although 2GIG's products may seem more affordable at first glance, these potential extra expenses could lead to higher total costs of ownership.

Customer Support and Service


The Honeywell support team is renowned for its responsiveness and expertise, often resolving issues quickly and efficiently. The company also provides comprehensive online resources, such as user manuals, troubleshooting guides, and instructional videos, that allow customers to resolve common issues on their own.

Furthermore, Honeywell’s extensive dealer network ensures customers can readily find local professional support for installation and maintenance issues. Mammoth Security is proud to be a Honeywell dealer partner.


2GIG offers a range of customer support options, including phone and email support. However, customer feedback indicates mixed experiences with 2GIG's customer service. Many users have voiced concerns about long wait times and difficulties in resolving complex issues.

2GIG's website does provide user manuals and software updates, but the range of self-service resources is less comprehensive than what's available from Honeywell. What's more, the reliability issues that some customers have experienced with 2GIG's products can lead to more frequent interactions with customer service, which can be frustrating when the support doesn't meet expectations.

Honeywell or 2GIG and Mammoth Security

Mammoth Security team

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With an intimate understanding of major alarm system brands and the technologies they incorporate, Mammoth Security can help you navigate the complex landscape of business security solutions to find the products that best suit your needs and professionally install them at the best prices.

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Honeywell systems are known for their reliability, advanced features, and user-friendly interfaces. They also integrate well with various home automation systems, like Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. 2GIG systems, on the other hand, are usually cheaper but have been reported to have some reliability issues, especially with their wireless sensors.

Yes, many Honeywell alarm systems, including the Honeywell Lyric panel, are compatible with home automation systems. They can integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Z-Wave devices to provide users with a convenient, unified security and automation platform.

While 2GIG focuses on providing affordable wireless options, many users have reported connectivity issues and false alarms. Honeywell's wireless alarm systems offer better reliability than 2GIG's.

Compatibility varies depending on the model and manufacturer of your existing cameras. It's recommended to consult with a security expert for the most accurate information.

The Qolsys IQ Panel and its variants, such as Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and 4, are made in California by Qolsys. 2GIG and Honeywell manufacture competing security panels.

Honeywell offers extensive customer support, including phone, email, and a wide range of online resources. 2GIG also provides customer support, but many customers report long wait times and difficulties resolving complex issues.



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