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Avigilon vs HikVision Security Camera Systems

June 7, 2023

Choosing the right security camera system is crucial for businesses and institutions. In this article, we'll be comparing two major players in the security camera industry: Avigilon and HikVision.

We'll look at each camera system's similarities, differences, and benefits and compare their video management software (VMSs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

Similarities of Avigilon vs HikVision

High Definition Cameras

Both Avigilon and HikVision offer high-definition smart IP CCTV cameras. These security cameras utilize features such as smart focus, auto back focus, and night IR cut filter for high-quality video in various conditions.


Analytics features make it easier for users to remotely monitor processes on their premises, respond to potential security threats, and quickly find recorded footage for investigations.

Both brands offer advanced analytics capabilities, including smart audio detection, smart intrusion detection, and smart face detection, to address key security concerns effectively.

Video Management Software

Both Avigilon and HikVision provide video management software solutions that enable remote monitoring and management of security cameras. These solutions allow end-user clients and remote surveillance monitoring services to have unrestricted access to surveillance footage from multiple key sites.

Integration Capabilities

Hikvision Integration Image

Avigilon and HikVision cameras support integration with various third-party systems, including access control, alarm sensor security, and building management systems. This allows for a more comprehensive security solution tailored to the user's specific needs.


Both companies utilize advanced compression technologies to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining video quality.

Differences Between Avigilon and HikVision

Market Positioning and Target Customers

Avigilon targets high-end customers looking for advanced features and reliable performance, whereas HikVision caters to a broader market by providing a range of low-cost solutions.


Avigilon is known for the highest-quality systems in the security industry—and for some of the highest price tags. On the other hand, HikVision offers similar models at competitive prices.

Warranty and Support

Avigilon offers a standard 3-year product warranty, while HikVision provides a 2-year warranty. Avigilon also offers dedicated support for its enterprise customers, whereas HikVision's technical support may be more limited depending on the region.

Why Choose Avigilon Security Cameras?

Avigilon smart cameras greatly assists with surveillance cameras systems for successful video operation.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Avigilon is the worldwide leader in artificial intelligence for security camera systems. In fact, Avigilon's AI systems dramatically improve real-time security responses and significantly reduce investigation times.

Avigilon's smart features include the industry's most advanced AI-supported facial recognition, license plate recognition, and unwanted behavior detection.

Avigilon's Appearance Search technology is just one example of the unique features their systems provide. With Appearance Search, you can search for specific people or vehicles within recorded video footage by prompting AI with specific details to watch for a particular umbrella or bag and a particular shoe size and type of pants.

Self-Learning Video Analytics

Avigilon security cameras feature self-learning video analytics that adapts to changes in the environment to adjust settings for optimal performance automatically. Self-learning video analytics also reduces false alarm inputs and improves the accuracy of event detection.

Avigilon Control Center (ACC)

The Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is an advanced video management software solution that's included with their cameras. The ACC provides users with an intuitive interface for managing their entire security system.

Why Choose HikVision Security Cameras?

IP HikVision cameras to support proposed CCTV system and other security-related system like access control for a dual-purpose system for key sites needing monitoring..

Innovative Image Processing

HikVision's investment in innovation has given their cameras large bitrates for greater-than-average image-processing power, ensuring high-quality video in various conditions.

Advanced Video Content Analytics (VCA)

HikVision's VCA technology provides users with sophisticated video analytics, including smart intrusion detection and face recognition.

Cost-Effective Solutions

HikVision offers a wide range of budget-friendly security cameras that don't sacrifice basic quality.

Avigilon Control Center vs HikCentral

Avigilon vs HikVision video management compatible with all the company's products.

Avigiolon's Avigilon Control Center (ACC) and HikVision's HikCentral are video management systems. From tailored alerts and notifications to customizable system configurations, you can adjust either to your needs, although Avigilon enables more detailed fine-tuning.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Avigilon Control Center boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies system management for users, while HikCentral provides a clean and organized layout that makes navigation a breeze.

Remote Monitoring and Accessibility

Both systems allow you to remotely access your security cameras from any device with an Internet connection.

Integration and Compatibility

Avigilon Control Center and HikCentral both integrate with open-source cameras and hardware components from other manufacturers.

Compatibility with third-party devices is necessary for building an ideal security ecosystem for your needs.

Video Analytics and Smart Features

Modern production facilities build products that offer reduced installation time significantly.

Both Avigilon Control Center and HikCentral provide advanced analytics, such as motion detection, face recognition, and intrusion detection. However, Avigilon's analytics are much smarter than those available through HikCentral, and they also enable greater levels of customization.

Scalability and Customization

Both Avigilon Control Center and HikCentral offer scalable and customizable solutions that can adapt to expanding security camera needs. However, the ACC is more customizable.

System Management and Maintenance

Avigilon Control Center and HikCentral equip you with tools to keep your overall system in tip-top shape, from troubleshooting technical issues to monitoring system performance.

Cost and Value for Money

While the Avigilon Control Center is known for its premium features and performance, it has a heftier price tag than HikCentral. HikCentral, on the other hand, offers cost-effective solutions without compromising basic quality.

Avigilon vs HikVision NVRs

Avigilon NVR for end-user client and post sales service for worldwide customer care.

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are purpose-built hardware devices or software applications used by many security companies and camera systems to oversee, store, and handle video recordings captured by IP (Internet Protocol) cameras.

Why Choose Avigilon NVRs?

Avigilon NVRs enable advanced features such as Appearance Search, self-learning video analytics, compatibility with ONVIF-compliant cameras and open-source devices, and seamless integration with the Avigilon Control Center. 

Why Choose HikVision NVRs?

HikVision NVRs are a less expensive alternative to those by Avigilon. They boast a wide range of features, compatibility with ONVIF-compliant cameras and open-source devices, and integration with HikCentral.


Avigilon and HikVision offer security camera products, each with its own unique features and benefits. When deciding between the two, consider factors such as pricing, warranty and support, and the availability of advanced features that cater to your unique security needs.




Hikvision and Avigilon camera systems are compatible with ONVIF-compliant cameras, which is why HikVision work on Avigilon. That said, the most advanced Avigilon software features, such as Pixel search, firmware updates, and ultra-advanced analytics, work best with Avigilon cameras.

HikVision is a well-known Chinese company that is partly owned and fully backed by the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, HikVision is the Chinese government's camera system of choice when surveilling minority communities to ensure indoctrination in the Chinese Communist Party ideology, submission to state power, and effective enforcement of family separation for reeducation purposes.

In recent years, the U.S. government has taken measures to address concerns about Hikvision as a threat to national security. One significant move was the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2019, which banned HikVision products from being used in federal projects or settings receiving federal funding.

While there are no new laws being considered specifically targeting Hikvision, the U.S. continues to evaluate and monitor potential security threats from the Communist Party's favorite manufacturer of surveillance technology.

Avigilon is actually a Canadian company, and it's a subsidiary of Motorola Solutions.

They design and manufacture their security cameras in North America, ensuring quality and innovation in their products. Avigilon never knowingly allows its products to be used in service of crimes against humanity.

The main practical differences between Avigilon and Hikvision security camera systems include image quality, video analytics, detection capabilities, and storage and bandwidth options. In all cases, Avigilon surveillance cameras are more advanced than those from HikVision. That said, HikVision cameras and and surveillance system equipment are significantly less expensive.

While both Avigilon and HikVision offer impressive image quality, Avigilon's higher resolution options, consistent frame rates, and advanced imaging technologies give them a large advantage.

Avigilon's H4 and H5 camera lines provide cameras with up to 7K (30 MP) resolution, which allows for incredibly detailed images. Avigilon cameras also consistently provide high frame rates, even at their top resolutions, ensuring you don't miss a thing.

Avigilon has more advanced analytics and detection features than HikVision. In fact, Avigilon is respected throughout the world for its cutting-edge, AI-driven video analytics. That said, Hikvision offers a wide range of smart features like facial recognition and intrusion detection.

Avigilon and Hikvision both offer multiple storage options for intelligent camera infrastructure, including on-site and cloud storage. Hikvision security camera systems typically use H.265+ video compression technology to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements, while Avigilon uses H.264 and H.265 codecs.

Both Avigilon and Hikvision security camera systems support integration with ONVIF-compliant cameras and third-party open-source systems. However, it's essential to verify the compatibility of specific devices and software before making a purchase.



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