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Bank Robberies Happen More Often Than You Think… Is Your Money Safe?

February 28, 2022

There are several action movies each year whose main premise is bank robbery, and in each movie, the first thing the bad guys do is take out the security cameras. While movies almost always stray from real life, it’s safe to say that not that long ago, security surveillance systems were underwhelming in their capabilities compared to today’s technology, and that if someone could get past a bank’s security guards, it wouldn’t be difficult to take out the security system and ensure that no one ever saw their face. Today, however, that is not the case.

With advanced technology such as facial recognition and ultra high resolution cameras, bank robbers don’t have it so easy. Now, even if a robber is wearing a mask, facial recognition technology can assess his or her eyes and bone structure for matches in the legal system. Additionally, with the ability to link a business’s security cameras with the police stations, any tampering with the cameras will trigger an alarm to law enforcement, informing them of the exact location of the camera being tampered with.

Whereas once upon a time it may have been easy for bank robbers to tamper with a surveillance system, thanks to advanced CCTV technology such as that offered by Mammoth Security in Greenwich (CT), it no longer is.

The Case of the Greenwich Bank Robber

In late April, the same brazen thief robbed the same Chase bank branch two days in a row. He started his rampage on Monday night, during which he robbed a Citgo gas station at gunpoint. On Tuesday morning, he waltzed into the Chase bank on East Putnam Avenue and held the tellers there up at gunpoint as well. An alert was not sent out in time to notify authorities. On Wednesday, he hit the same Chase branch, this time in the middle of the afternoon.

It wasn’t until Friday evenings that authorities were finally able to locate the suspect. They used video surveillance footage from both the gas station and the Chase bank to identify the subject. Fortunately, footage captured by the cameras was of such high quality that they were able to use pictures from the footage to ask around the community. A lead to the police suggested that the suspect might be hiding at JHouse in Riverside. The lead was correct.

The suspect ended up escaping by hopping the curb in his stolen Range Rover, successfully avoiding the police. However, another business turned up footage of a robbery by the same thief. This footage, however, was able to reveal an identifying tattoo on the suspect’s neck and cropped blonde hair.

How Better Surveillance Systems Can Help Thwart Future Bank Robberies

While Chase’s and Citgo’s camera systems were able to help authorities identify the suspect, they did nothing to deter the robbery, nor did they do anything to help the police successfully capture the suspect. CCTV surveillance systems today have remarkable capabilities, but they only work if they’re installed. Too many businesses—including banks—in smaller towns wrongly assume that crime cannot happen to them, but it can! As the Greenwich bank robber proves, small towns are not immune to criminal activity. Moreover, that particular case shows that criminals target small town institutions because they assume they don’t have the technology in place to catch them. Unfortunately, in that particular instance, he was right.

With that in mind, it’s time for Greenwich to up its security measures. Here are just a few ways that banks can implement stronger security measures to protect their employees, their customers and their customers’ money.

Consolidate Multiple Systems Into One Security Management Platform

Banks have multiple security system setups—nay, hundreds—to manage their offices and branches. While this helps to record footage from multiple locations, it does nothing to help monitor footage. In fact, it makes monitoring all the more difficult. By investing in a surveillance system that connects multiple cameras from multiple locations and streams it onto a single management platform, banks can gain a more comprehensive view of the safety and operations of their entire enterprise. This enables them to respond quicker and increase protection against theft and fraud.

Streamline Security Management

As more banks start to invest in advanced security management systems, security management will become standardized throughout the industry, ensuring more effective security measures for bank employees and customers alike. Additionally, streamlining the security systems will ensure that all banks are following industry regulations and standards, and if they don’t, they could face liability for anything that happens.

Take Advantage of Remote Video Capabilities

Bank robberies can be prevented entirely if banks utilized a system that allowed for remote monitoring. If branches and ATMs alike allowed their systems to be viewed from outside of the institution, such as at a police station, operators could respond more quickly and effectively.

Utilize Video Analytics

Video analytics allow companies to recognize when predefined rules have been broken without actually being present at the scene. For instance, if it is 11 pm and the cameras detect movement from within the bank, the bank manager and the authorities will be notified in real time, as there is no reason that anyone should be on the bank’s premises at that hour. Additionally, if a safe is being accessed at a time it shouldn’t be opened, or if a wrong passcode is entered more than a set number of times, an alarm can be triggered. This helps financial institutions detect and respond to questionable situations without actually having to have a security guard present.

Partner With a Professional Security System Provider

Banking customers need to know that they are safe when they enter a bank and that their money is safe when they leave it there. Security cameras have always helped make that possible. However, as criminals become braver, cars become faster and the world more populated, it’s clear that our security systems need to evolve to meet more pressing demands. That’s where an industry expert comes in handy.

At Mammoth Security, we offer advanced and intuitive solutions for financial institutions to implement throughout all branches, offices and ATMs. With our high resolution cameras, quick response systems and strategic installation, we can help improve security management in all Connecticut’s banking institutions, thereby protecting you, your money and your community.





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