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Benefits of Mobile Credentials for Access Control

June 22, 2023

Amidst growing security concerns and technological advancements, mobile credentials have surfaced as a game-changer in the access control security industry by offering benefits far beyond those of traditional keys, physical key cards, and key fobs. Keep reading to learn more about how mobile smartphone credentials work and their key benefits.

Mobile Credentials: An Overview

Mobile credentials are digital access credentials that are stored on mobile devices like smartphones. By transmitting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and near-field communication (NFC) signals, smartphones are transformed into digital keys for access control.

When a user presents their mobile smartphone near the reader, the reader communicates with the phone to verify the stored credential and, upon verification, grants access.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a type of communication that occurs when a mobile device and an NFC-enabled reader are in close proximity, usually a few centimeters apart. It's standard on most smartphones, which makes it a widely used technology for mobile credentials.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

BLE operates over a longer range compared to NFC. With BLE, a user's mobile device can trigger the access control system even from a few meters away.

This longer range makes BLE particularly useful for gate access in car parks, where users can remain in their vehicle and not have to present their mobile device close to the reader.

Convenience and User Experience

Easy Onboarding Process

Mobile credentials simplify the onboarding process. Employees can swiftly gain access permissions and become part of the system with just a few taps on their mobile phone.

Reduction in Physical Tokens or Cards

With the benefits of mobile credentials, physical keys, key cards, or key fobs become redundant, thus reducing the potential for lost or stolen items.

Remote Management

Mobile credentials reduce the effort required of system administrators by allowing them to manage access and security teams remotely, as well are revoke credentials, leading to streamlined operations and efficient resource allocation.

Enhanced Security Features

Two-factor Authentication

Mobile credentials support multi-factor authentication, providing an additional security layer to thwart unauthorized access.

Biometrics Integration

Modern smartphones have biometric features like fingerprint recognition and facial recognition, which bolster security when paired with mobile credentials.

Encrypted Communication

Mobile access control systems employ encrypted communication protocols to protect data during transmission.

Real-Time Monitoring

System administrators can track access events in real-time, thus promoting proactive physical security management.

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability

Reduction in Hardware Costs

Mobile access eliminates the need for physical hardware like card readers, traditional keys, and keypads.

Ease of System Expansion

Mobile access control systems can be easily scaled up or down based on organizational needs.

Customization and Flexibility

Tailored Access Levels

Mobile credentials offer the flexibility to set access permissions based on roles and responsibilities.

Integration With Other Security Systems

Security System integration with video surveillance

Mobile access control can more seamlessly integrate with other security systems than can other credentials. The result is better support for a comprehensive security framework.

Customizable User Interface

The access control software's user interface can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduction in Plastic Waste

By using smart devices and eliminating physical key cards, businesses can contribute to environmental sustainability.

Energy-Efficient Technology

Mobile access control systems leverage energy-efficient technology to reduce energy consumption.

Digital Documentation

All access events and permissions are stored digitally, reducing the need for paper-based records.

Supporting a Remote Workforce

Simplified Access for Remote Employees

Mobile credentials can provide secure virtual private network (VPN) access for remote employees.

Temporary Access for Contractors and Visitors

Remote administration tools make it easy to provide temporary mobile access credentials for contractors and visitors, access credentials that can be revoked at any time.

Privacy Compliance and Industry-Specific Regulations

Access control systems with Bluetooth mobile phones are easy to customize for data privacy regulations and other industry-specific compliance standards.

What's more, detailed access logs support compliance requirements and aid in investigations.

Industry Uses

Transportation industry

Mobile credentials enhance security in many sectors, including corporate offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, government buildings, residential communities, gyms and fitness centers, and facilities with highly restricted sites.

Future of Mobile Credentials

As technology evolves and the benefits of Bluetooth mobile credentials for physical security continue to increase, the adoption of mobile credentials for access control will continue to grow into the near future.

Selecting the Right Mobile Credential Solution

Be sure to consider the following key features when selecting mobile credentials for site security:


Look for solutions that offer encryption, multi-factor authentication and are resistant to common forms of hacking.

Ease of Use

The system should be user-friendly for end users. And credential permissions should be easy for administrators to issue, revoke, and manage.


The best credential systems offer the ability to set varied access permissions. You should be able to customize access based on the user's role, time of day, or specific location.

Remote Management

This feature is particularly crucial in the era of remote work. The ability to manage credentials remotely adds convenience and enables instant responses to security issues.


Besides the initial investment, consider both the near-future and long-term costs of the credential system. This includes the cost of system maintenance and potential upgrades.


Ensure the access credential solution is compliant with industry-specific regulations, can support data privacy compliance, and provides enhanced audit trails.

Implementing Mobile Credentials

Implementing mobile credentials can seem daunting, but with the right planning, training, and ongoing management, these credentials provide substantial advantages in terms of convenience, increased security, and cost-effectiveness.

Choosing the right access control system

Please note that the transition to mobile credentials doesn't have to be an overnight shift. A phased approach, starting with a pilot program in a controlled environment, can help ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Planning and Preparation

The first step involves assessing the current access control system and identifying gaps where mobile access could be advantageous. This process should be carried out in consultation with system administrators and security teams.

Planning also involves setting objectives for the mobile credential system and outlining key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success.

Training and User Adoption

Conduct comprehensive training sessions that explain the benefits of mobile credentials, how they work, and how to use them effectively.

This training should also highlight the additional security features offered by mobile credentials, such as two-factor authentication, and explain how these features contribute to enhanced security.

Monitoring and Adjusting

Once the mobile credential system is live, monitor its performance and usage. Look at access events, incidents of security breaches, user adoption rates, and other relevant metrics to evaluate the system's success. Feedback from users can also provide valuable insights into areas for improvement.

Adjustments may be necessary as technology evolves and the organization's needs change. Regular reviews and updates will ensure that the mobile access control system continues to offer the most benefits to your organization.

Mammoth Security and Access Control Credentials

Mammoth Security team

As we step into the era of smart devices, mobile access control offers numerous benefits, from increased security to cost savings. That said, every organization has unique needs, so it's essential to thoroughly understand your specific requirements before selecting access control and credential solutions.

You might also be interested in reading our guide to access control or how to create an access control policy.

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Mobile credentials are highly secure when they include features like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring.

A mobile credential system comprises a mobile device (like a smartphone), access control software, and a secure communication protocol.

While mobile credentials offer many advantages, they may not entirely replace traditional systems. It depends on the specific requirements and conditions of the organization.

Almost every industry can benefit from mobile credentials, including corporate offices, healthcare, education, government, residential communities, and fitness centers.

Organizations can ensure a smooth transition by thorough planning, training users, and continuous monitoring and adjustments.



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