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How Much Should You Spend on Your Small Business Security System?

February 24, 2022

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have assets that you need to protect. Computers. Confidential documents. Products. Contracts. There are dozens of items within your building that can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars if stolen, which is why you need to invest in a small business security system. A small business security system doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be comprehensive enough that should something as costly as employee laptops or customer files go missing, you can identify the perpetrator and ensure that they get caught.

Many small business owners don’t invest in security for their business for one main reason: cost. They fear that a good system is costly and that a system that is not expensive is not a system worth investing in. This notion is completely false, and it is one that can devastate a small business. Surveillance systems come in many sizes and with varying features, and most companies offer customers the opportunity to build their systems to be as complex or as simple as they like. At Mammoth Security, those are the types of packages that we offer.

Our experienced technicians will assess your security risks and advise you about what features you should invest in. Ultimately, however, it is up to you to decide what you need and what you don’t. Before you go shopping for surveillance, read this guide that briefly details the various types of security systems available to you, why you might need it and how much it will cost.

Video Surveillance System

A video surveillance system is used to protect the insides and outsides of buildings and homes. This is the most popular type of security system as it allows business owners to see what is happening inside and outside of their businesses around the clock. If a business owner suspects that employees are wasting company time while she is out for the day, she could pull up footage from the last few times she was out of the office and either confirm or debunk her suspicions. If she was correct, she could inform her employees that she is aware of what is going on and work with them on ways to eliminate time waste.

In another scenario, a business owner might suspect theft. In this instance, he might review footage, identify areas of suspect activity and implement measures to reduce it. In each of these scenarios, the business owner uses the surveillance system to reduce and prevent future monetary waste, and it only cost them the price of equipment and installation.

Let’s Talk Cost…

Of course, cost is going to vary depending on the type of equipment you use, who you have to install your system and whether or not you invest in routine monitoring, but on average, you can expect to pay $300 to $750 for a DIY system and as much as $1,500 for a professionally installed and maintained one.

Electronic Access Controls Systems

If you have departments within your building that shouldn’t be accessed by all employees, you might benefit from an electronic access controls systems. This type of system typically utilizes a keypad or key system and a. door that locks electronically. Business owners usually invest in an EAC system when they have confidential information they need to protect, or when they have a valuable intellectual property they don’t want to risk being leaked.

Let’s Talk Cost…

Depending on the type of hardware you invest in and how many doors you need to have an electronic lock mechanism installed on, you’re looking at paying an average of $1,000 per door, on the low end.

Intrusion Detection Alarm

If you don’t want to incur a loss and hope that the police catch the perpetrator, this is the type of security system you need. An intrusion detection alarm system is precisely what its name implies it is: an alarm system that detects an intruder and sounds an alarm before they have an opportunity to wreak serious havoc. This type of system protects everything inside of your building from burglars, vandals or dangerous intruders—including you, your customers and your employees.

Each different system within this category is slightly different, as business owners build them up to meet their unique security needs. For instance, some business might benefit from motion detectors that detect entry after hours or in off-limits locations. Others might benefit from data breach detection, which sounds an alarm when certain programs are accessed at odd times or from “the wrong” devices or user. Some business owners have the alarm sent directly to authorities, while others prefer to be alerted themselves.

Let’s Talk Cost…

The cost of these types of systems varies greatly, and can range from as low as $100 for a smaller office building with only one entrance to upwards of $2,000 for a larger building with multiple access points. However, whatever the cost, you can expect to pay a fee each month for monitoring services.

Computer Security System

Your computers contain confidential and valuable information that, in the wrong hands, can result in financial devastation for your company. You can protect that information with a computer security system that detects hackers and prevents viruses, spyware and other threats from costing you thousands of dollars and other significant losses.

Let’s Talk Cost…

Malware and antivirus software is relatively commonplace today and so should not cost you a lot of money. You can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 annually for a software subscription, or you can even host safeguard your information for free with an online service.

Cost Should Come Secondary

While it’s natural for you to be concerned about your company’s budget, cost should not be a priority—the safety of your business assets and people should come first. Though that may mean cutting back in other areas, it will be well worth it when you can avoid potentially costly disasters from ruining your business.

If you’re interested in building a security system to protect your business and its assets, contact Mammoth Security today. Our team is a leading surveillance provider throughout the state of Connecticut, and our goal is to help business owners like you protect your investment.

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