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How Much Do Business Security Systems Cost?

April 6, 2023

Types of Business Security Systems

While commercial-grade security systems are more complex and expensive than those for home installations, the payoff in improved security and operational efficiency is well worth the expense.

Commercial security installations and types of security systems like access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection use durable construction materials, reliable hardwiring, specialized software, and modular components for customizations and system integrations.

Business Security Systems Cost Factors

A malfunctioning security system in a commercial setting can result in lost productivity, revenue, and even legal liability. For this reason, commercial-grade security systems use the most durable and dependable products available for video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control.

Commercial Security Cameras

HD (high definition) and IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras are essential to any business security system because they make remote monitoring possible while collecting detailed, actionable evidence.

business security system camera installations should be hardwired

Many HD commercial security cameras also have advanced AI-based capabilities, making effective and manageable security possible in even the most dynamic commercial environments.

  • Security cameras with motion detectors can limit recording when there isn't activity. This saves high-value data storage space so that potentially important footage can be saved for longer periods.
  • Business cameras capable of unusual behavior detection recognize potential threats early and draw staff attention to where it's needed most.
  • IP cameras capable of facial recognition are especially useful in heavily trafficked environments because they help to spot and track watch-listed individuals and people suspected of crimes like shoplifting.
  • With commercial-grade video analytics applied to footage, security personnel can complete incident investigations rapidly with smart filters that search for specific time periods, faces, articles of clothing, types of behavior, and more.

Access Control Systems

Before entry to secured sites is allowed, a commercial-grade access control system will verify the authenticity of a presented credential and then cross-check that identity against access authorizations. In this way, access control systems protect valuable assets and restricted areas from unauthorized people.

Access control is a core security solution for physical security at businesses

Access systems are particularly useful in dynamic or sensitive business and institutional settings because they can automate emergency protocols, log entry data, and enable administrators to remotely change access rights without needing to collect credentials physically.

  • Access systems automatically log all access activities in medical facilities to maintain regulatory compliance while improving workflows.
  • Hotels and resorts make excellent use of the ability to grant, revoke, and adjust access privileges from a central control interface. Administrators can quickly and easily add, adjust, or deactivate credential permissions without inconveniencing guests or causing security gaps.
  • In schools and other institutional environments, where active shooter incidents are increasingly common, access control locks can be integrated with other security devices for life-saving emergency automation. For example, if a sound sensor in a high school hallway is triggered by a gunshot, integrated access control systems can automatically lock all classroom doors to prevent shooters from entering and cornering victims.

Business Security Hardware

Commercial-grade security systems require stronger and more long-lasting hardware components than home systems because they need to withstand more wear and tear from frequent use.

Commercial security solutions use stronger networking hardware and control panels

Detectors and Sensors

Security breaches in business settings result in far greater financial losses than those in home settings. For this reason, business security systems require sensors and detectors that are more sensitive, reliable, and capable of interoperability with other security devices than those used in home installations.

Commercial properties also often require sensors that cover large areas. Commercial-grade devices are necessary when sites like warehouses and parking lots need burglar alarms.

Remote Monitoring

Business security systems often include 24/7 monitoring by on-site security guards or a remote monitoring service. While this level of monitoring is rarely appropriate for home security, remote monitoring is an inexpensive security solution for any business with high-value assets that need round-the-clock protection.

Professional Installation

Professional installation is important for commercial-grade security, but not all professional installers are equal.

That's why Mammoth Security is honored to have a team with the knowledge and experience to properly install and configure business security systems of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our crew has the expertise needed to navigate the challenges that come up while customizing installations to fill security gaps and support other business needs.

Professional Service and Maintenance

In commercial environments where operations must be reliable, your ability to bring local experts on-site when you need them is essential. That's why Mammoth Security installations have warranties and easy access to ongoing technical support.

Business Security System Costs

Costs by Square Footage

Commercial security systems are often much larger than home systems, requiring more hardware components for coverage.

surveillance cameras and business alarm systems

Securing multiple floors, entrances, or buildings requires more cameras, sensors, and access control devices—which do add up. The good news is that large installations can save money per square foot thanks to the efficient use of materials and discounts for quantity.

Monthly Fees and Monitoring Plans

While it's rarely affordable for small and mid-sized businesses to employ live monitors on their properties 24/7, Mammoth Security offers an affordable remote monitoring service and is usually much more reliable than on-site guards.

Video surveillance cameras for professional monitoring.

This is how it works: our monitors use the cameras we install, along with AI-supported video analytics, to keep an eye on your property. Potential security threats are recognized early, and our monitors take action to neutralize them right away.

Expense of Not Having a Business Security System

A malfunctioning security system in a business setting can result in massive financial losses. Retailers lost $15-20 billion to shoplifting in 2022, according to Deep Sentinel. And employee theft costs U.S. businesses $50 billion annually, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute.

For these reasons and many others, commercial-grade security products are a must for all businesses with assets worth protecting.

DIY Security vs Professional Business Security

DIY security installations can be tempting due to lower costs. However, the risks are severe.

For starters, the quality of the equipment used in DIY systems isn't up to the same standard as commercial-grade equipment. Malfunctions resulting from small installation errors or low-quality devices bring businesses to a halt and can result in many thousands of dollars in losses for small businesses (and millions in losses for large enterprises and institutions).

What's more, most DIY systems come with limited warranties or no warranty at all—leaving customers responsible for troubleshooting all issues that arise. This lack of support can be time-consuming, frustrating, and costly, especially in environments where workflows matter and customers expect convenience and efficiency.

Choosing the Right Systems for Your Business

Outdoor cameras for small and medium-sized businesses.

The right security system for your business depends on factors like the areas you need to secure and business requirements.

For example, access control systems dramatically improve commercial and institutional environments, but the model with the right features for your business depends on situation-specific factors like compliance requirements, the number of entries that must be protected, the number of visitors who need temporary credentials, and the complexity of site authorizations.

Similarly, while all commercial surveillance installations require high-definition or high-resolution cameras, different camera types are designed for particular types of footage collection.

For example, license plate recognition cameras are excellent for parking lot security, whereas cameras capable of facial recognition are ideal for busy entry halls.

Let Mammoth Security help you pick the right commercial security system for your business at the cost that meets your budget.





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