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5 Ways Small Business Security Systems Pay for Themselves

February 28, 2022

From insurance savings to decreased theft, the benefits are well worth the investment.

Small business budgets leave little room for extra expenses. Major expenses and upgrades require planning and comparison to ensure a proper fit and maximum returns on your investment. When looking into security systems, it might be tempting to avoid the cost.

If your business is considering purchasing or installing a security system, here’s five reasons to quit debating and get started today!

Security Systems Net Deep Discounts on Small Business Insurance

Insurance is one of the unavoidable expenses of operating a small business. This means that agencies can charge a premium. One of the easiest ways to earn an immediate discount on your small business insurance rates is to install a security system.

Many owners enjoy discounts of 5 to 20 percent! Over the course of a year that can add up to substantial savings. The insurance Information Institute notes that by installing a security system, small businesses can enjoy discounts on both liability and property insurance.

Reduce Risk and Keep Employees Honest

Security systems offer reassurance on both sides of the cash register. Video surveillance is a quick and simple way to make sure that the authorities will have useful evidence if a break-in or robbery occurs. If you suspect that your employees are being less than truthful with their cash handling, a camera system can provide undeniable proof to help resolve the issue with minimal risk.

Increase Loss Prevention Efficiency and Reduce Lost Product

When you install IP cameras, public display monitors or closed-circuit monitoring systems, you can keep an eye on your business without having to roam the aisles. Whether you’re pinpointing specific high-theft areas or looking for a comprehensive solution to keep tabs on the entire business, security systems are a simple way to reduce the impact of profit losses due to theft.

Increase Safety with the Help of Security Systems

With the average slip-and-fall costing more than $20,000, it’s easy to understand how this can quickly impact the liability premiums of a small business.

Security systems help eliminate this concern in two ways. First, a well-designed system will provide video coverage for trouble areas to prevent accidents before they occur. Second, if an incident happens, video footage makes it easier for insurance companies and businesses to analyze the event and determine liability for the incident. No more worries about hearsay or fraudulent injury claims! The same is true for Worker’s Compensation claims.

Monitor Your Business from Anywhere with IP Cameras

Tapping into the bandwidth of your high-speed Internet connection, IP cameras allow you to view your cameras’ video feeds from anywhere. This means you can check in on employees while relaxing at home or otherwise cannot physically reach the office. Many systems also qualify for remote monitoring discounts from insurance providers. This means increased convenience and increased savings!

If you’re looking to increase security, reduce operating costs and enjoy greater peace of mind while running your business, Mammoth Security is a leading installer of security system technologies! From basic systems to elaborate HD DVR and IP camera systems, we have the experience and selection to make any request happen! Installation for most systems is completed in only two weeks. Call us today for more information and start the planning process. Or choose the locations closest to you (for example, surveillance cameras in Bristol CT).





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