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Honeywell vs. DMP: Deep Dive Security Comparison

June 17, 2023

Honeywell and Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) develop and manufacture competing security systems. The best choice when deciding between the two brands depends on the type of property you need to secure and the features that will be most valuable to you.

Read on for an in-depth comparison of Honeywell and DMP that will shine some light on your options.

Honeywell vs. DMP

If you need a scalable, flexible, and technologically advanced security system to cater to the complex needs of your business or organization, DMP products are likely to be your best choice.

Their systems are designed with businesses in mind and provide an array of features for comprehensive security control and monitoring.

However, this doesn't mean that Honeywell is not a suitable security solution for businesses, particularly smaller businesses. Honeywell is a well-established security company that, like DMP, provides a comprehensive suite of security solutions for threat detection, video surveillance, and access control.

Target Users

alarm sensor house installation


DMP primarily caters to commercial businesses and large organizations. The company's security systems and alarm services are designed to accommodate complex needs on simplified interfaces.


While Honeywell offers security solutions for both residential and commercial properties, its presence is most felt in the home security equipment market. Homeowners appreciate Honeywell's simple and efficient security systems.

Product Overview


DMP offers a wide array of security products, including alarms, digital security controls, cameras, and access control systems.

DMP alarm keypad

Here's a list of their most notable product categories:

Access Control

DMP offers sophisticated access control systems and components that are designed to cater to the unique requirements of commercial and institutional entities.

With advanced access control features, such as multiple user codes, varying access levels, customizable access schedules, and seamless integration with other DMP security systems, their access control solutions provide the tools needed to manage who can access protected sites and when.

Video Surveillance

DMP's security cameras have high-resolution imaging capabilities that provide clear, detailed visual evidence and situational awareness.

Many DMP security cameras even come equipped with motion detection technology to send alerts when movement is detected or to save storage space by only recording footage when movement is detected.

Intrusion Detection

DMP alarm systems support a broad range of sensors, including motion, door, smoke, and heat sensors.

DMP's intrusion alarms provide businesses with robust protection against unauthorized access. The systems utilize a combination of sensors and detectors to provide comprehensive coverage and alert security professionals, business owners, or administrators in the event of a detected intrusion.

Fire Security

DMP's fire security solutions utilize smoke detectors and heat sensors to identify potential fires quickly. In the event of a fire, the system sends alerts to the user, a connected monitoring service, or an emergency response team to neutralize threats in time to prevent catastrophic damage.


Honeywell offers a diverse range of security systems, including alarms, video surveillance cameras, access control systems, and advanced smart home integrations.

Honeywell panel

Here's a list of some of Honeywell's most notable product categories:

Access Control

Honeywell produces a wide array of access control devices, including keypads, card readers, and biometric scanners. Honeywell access control systems can be remotely managed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Video Surveillance

Honeywell's video surveillance solutions provide high-quality, real-time footage of business premises. In fact, many Honeywell cameras come equipped with features like high-resolution imaging, night vision, and motion detection.

Intrusion Detection

Honeywell sensor

Honeywell intrusion detection systems use a variety of sensors to detect possible intrusions. And they offer real-time alerting mechanisms that enable prompt responses to potential threats.

Fire Security

Honeywell fire alarms use a combination of smoke detectors and heat sensors to identify potential fire hazards quickly. In the event of a fire, a Honeywell alarm system can be configured to send alerts to business owners, security personnel, monitoring services, and emergency responders.

As early warning systems, Honeywell alarms can prevent house fires from growing out of control and causing significant damage to assets and even lives.

Technological Innovations & Features


DMP's commitment to innovation is evident in its sophisticated security solutions.

patch-panel cabling for large companies

Virtual Keypad

DMP's Virtual Keypad app extends the functionality of DMP control panels by allowing users to control their security system remotely from any web-enabled device.

The Virtual Keypad provides convenience and flexibility when managing DMP systems for video surveillance, access control, and alarms.

Video Surveillance

DMP security cameras stand out for their high-resolution imaging capabilities, which help users identify details like faces and license plates.

Advanced Access Control

DMP's access control systems cater to the specific needs of business security. They're scalable, can handle multiple users, offer different levels of access for different users, and support customizable access schedules.

Energy Management

Some DMP systems include energy management features that allow businesses to control and monitor their energy consumption.

Z-Wave Technology

While DMP products are most commonly installed for businesses and organizations, their systems are also excellent for home security. DMP systems can even use Z-Wave technology to seamlessly integrate with devices like smart home locks, lights, and cameras for advanced home automation.


Honeywell, despite its size and experience in the industry, hasn't quite matched DMP's pace when it comes to embracing new technology.

Honeywell home and small-business security

Honeywell Vista Alarm Panels

Honeywell Vista is a series of security control panels designed and manufactured by Honeywell. These panels serve as the central hub for managing and controlling a security system. They connect and coordinate various security devices into a cohesive system, including sensors, detectors, cameras, and access control devices.

Honeywell Vista panels also support multiple zones of protection, allowing users to secure different property areas separately.

Remote Access

Honeywell's security systems can be controlled remotely via smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Motion Detection

Honeywell's security cameras and intrusion detection systems use motion detection technology to record or send real-time alerts when movement is detected.

Z-Wave Integration

Like DMP, many Honeywell security systems integrate with Z-Wave technology. This allows a user to create a smart home automation system by linking their Honeywell security system with Z-Wave-compatible devices like smart lights, locks, and thermostats.

Advanced Fire Detection

Honeywell's fire detection systems use a combination of smoke detectors and heat sensors to identify potential fire threats quickly.

Voice Control

Many Honeywell systems offer voice control capabilities that allow users to control their system using voice commands. This feature provides an additional level of convenience and ease of use.

Quality and Performance


In terms of quality and performance, DMP systems excel. DMP's security devices are robust and durable, providing consistent performance to protect commercial properties.


Honeywell's security systems are recognized for their reliability and durability. That said, the performance of Honeywell products sometimes falls short of the complication-free experiences provided by DMP.

User Interface and Ease of Use

DMP mobile platforms


DMP’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. What's more, the Virtual Keypad app and mobile platforms provide users with real-time notifications and control over their security.

This means that whether you need to arm or disarm your system, control lights, or access security cameras, DMP's interface will simplify these tasks.


While Honeywell systems are generally straightforward to use, they lack the streamlined interface and ease of use provided by DMP systems. This can make managing security somewhat more challenging, particularly for less tech-savvy users.

Integration Capabilities

While both DMP and Honeywell can integrate with smart home automation systems, neither integrates well with commercial-grade security systems by other manufacturers.

For comprehensive security system integrations for your business or organization that won't lock you into products by a single brand, consider manufacturers that use open-source software and ONVIF-compliant cameras.

Avigilon and ICT are security system manufacturers whose products play well with many other security system brands.

Pricing and Affordability

DMP keypad


DMP offers competitive pricing for its high-quality security systems. While some might consider DMP systems more expensive than other options, the company's commitment to technology and service justifies any extra expense.


Honeywell offers a range of security systems at various price points, some more competitive than DMP. However, considering the added value of a DMP system's durability and advanced features, DMP systems provide more value for your money.

Customer Support and Service


DMP's commitment to quality extends to its customer support and installation services. By partnering with knowledgeable local installers, like Mammoth Security, for product installation and maintenance, DMP ensures its customers get the best service.


While Honeywell provides customer support, their service does not match the level of personal attention and promptness provided by DMP.

Honeywell, DMP, and Mammoth Security

committed to your community

Both Honeywell and DMP are Mammoth Security partners who offer reliable security solutions. The best choice between the two brands ultimately depends on your specific preferences and security needs.

For assistance selecting the right brands and products for your security, fill out the simple form at the bottom of this page. We'll get back to you to schedule a free on-site survey with a friendly security expert on our team.





Yes, both companies offer security solutions suitable for commercial properties. Their systems can be scaled and customized to fit the security needs of most businesses.

That said, DMP is preferred for complex or large-scale installations because it uses more advanced technology and focuses its product development on security systems for businesses and institutions.

While both offer reliable solutions, DMP's advanced technology, ease of use, and superior customer service make it a more attractive choice for both home and commercial security.

Yes, both DMP and Honeywell systems offer integration capabilities for smart home automation via Z-Wave technologies. That said, neither DMP nor Honeywell use open-source software in their security products. As a result, integrating either brand with third-party security products and systems can be challenging or impossible.

Yes, DMP systems support home automation through integrated Z-Wave technology, allowing control over various devices, such as lights, locks, and cameras.



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