How to Choose the Perfect NVR for Your Security Camera System

June 12, 2023

Switching from a digital video recorder (DVR) for analog cameras to a network video recorder (NVR) for IP cameras will optimize the video storage and video management software tools in your video surveillance infrastructure.

In this blog post, we'll guide you on how to choose an NVR and highlight key factors to consider when comparing your options.

Understanding the Difference Between NVR and DVR

Before diving into the selection process, it's crucial to understand the difference between a network video recorder and a digital video recorder. NVRs are designed to work with IP cameras, while DVRs are for analog cameras.

This distinction is important because traditional NVR security camera systems offer better image quality, security system scalability, and flexibility compared to DVR systems.

Evaluating IP Cameras and Your Surveillance Needs

NVR security camera video surveillance system

Selecting the right NVR for your security camera system involves evaluating your camera needs, storage capacity, local network considerations, and compatibility. By considering these factors, you can ensure that the NVR you select effectively meets your video management and storage needs.

Video Storage Space

When selecting an NVR security camera system, consider the number of IP surveillance cameras you'll need and their storage needs. Evaluate your video storage needs based on the recording resolution, video quality, and video compression abilities of your IP cameras.

High-resolution cameras, like 4K cameras, require more storage space.

Advanced Features

Different brands and models provide different features. Therefore, consider whether you need motion detection, audio recording, or advanced features like video analytics or wide dynamic range illumination for images under high-contrast lighting conditions.

Make Sure Your NVR Will Work With Your Existing Cameras

Fisheye camera for IP video surveillance systems

Check the compatibility of your NVR with the camera models and manufacturers you're using. Most NVRs only work with digital footage, and some may lock you in to exclusively using cameras from the NVR manufacturer.

Network Considerations

Ensure that your network switch has enough Ethernet ports and network bandwidth to handle the number of cameras you plan to use.

Back of NVR security camera system hardware network cable.

Keep your future expansion needs in mind, and select an NVR that can accommodate more cameras.

Remote Access

Most, but not all, NVR security camera systems offer remote access to video data, empowering users to view live video footage and manage camera settings from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Integration Compatibility

Integrated IP surveillance for network cameras

When selecting an NVR security camera system, ensure that it's compatible with your existing surveillance cameras and other security devices, such as access control and intrusion detection systems.





Consider your camera type, network connection, and the overall video surveillance system itself. NVRs are designed for IP cameras, offering better image quality, scalability, and flexibility than DVRs, which work with analog cameras.

NVRs support multiple IP cameras and are more flexible and scalable than DVRs. NVRs also offer better image quality than DVRs. DVRs work with analog cameras, which are less advanced than IP cameras.

Your storage needs will depend on the number of cameras, recording resolution, video quality, and video compression abilities. Higher-resolution cameras and their video streams require more bandwidth and storage space.

Yes, an NVR can be an excellent solution for home security, as it works with high-resolution security cameras and provides remote viewing capabilities.



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