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ReKor vs. Flock License Plate Recognition Security Cameras for Municipal Surveillance

April 29, 2024

Mammoth Takeaways

  • When considering license plate recognition (LPR) cameras for municipal or town use, it's crucial to select devices from a manufacturer that strictly adheres to governmental regulations and guidelines.
  • Flock is a license plate recognition camera brand that’s in hot water for infringing on public trust and breaking the law.
  • For towns and municipalities seeking a reliable and law-abiding LPR solution, ReKor presents the better choice due to its commitment to meeting all governmental and ethical standards.

In East Orange, New Jersey, the installation of surveillance cameras has dramatically transformed public safety, resulting in a 50% reduction in crime rates.

This success story underscores the power of effective surveillance technology, not only in enhancing security but also in significantly improving the efficiency of criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Within this context of the well-established benefits of public surveillance, municipalities face critical decisions in selecting the most appropriate license plate recognition technology to keep their streets and public areas safe.

The competition between two leading brands, ReKor and Flock, presents a pivotal choice for those committed to adopting legally compliant surveillance solutions.

Both brands offer effective LPR capabilities, but for municipalities aiming for comprehensive, efficient, and legal surveillance solutions, the choice narrows down to one.

Ready to find out which is better and collect some expert insights along the way? Then, keep on reading.

ReKor vs. Flock Security Cameras

Town security camera with license plate recognition technology


When implementing license plate recognition systems, municipalities must prioritize compliance with state and federal regulations.

ReKor stands far above Flock in this area. Municipalities can employ ReKor's technology confidently, knowing it aligns with legal standards and minimizes the risk of litigation or public backlash.

Flock, on the other hand, has serious issues regarding compliance.

In numerous instances, their license plate recognition cameras have been installed on street poles without necessary permits—leading to safety threats, legal challenges, the costly removal of equipment, and loss of public trust.

Winner: ReKor

This article is intended for informational purposes only. To ensure all municipal security cameras are within legal frameworks and community standards, consult with legal or compliance teams before implementing municipal surveillance in your community.

Advanced Technology

Municipalities seeking advanced technological solutions will find ReKor's license plate recognition cameras superior to Flock’s for many reasons, including sophisticated AI-based "car fingerprinting" that goes beyond mere license plate reading.

The technology behind ReKor’s car fingerprinting enables detailed vehicle recognition, enhancing both public safety efforts and the investigative capabilities of law enforcement.

While Flock also provides effective license plate recognition, the scope of its technology, in terms of versatility and advanced analytics, has been narrower than ReKor's multifaceted approach.

Ultimately, municipalities aiming for depth and breadth in surveillance and data analysis will prefer ReKor's advanced and comprehensive features.

Winner: ReKor

Municipal Budgeting

Budget constraints are a critical concern for municipalities. ReKor’s efficiency and reduced need for supplementary equipment and extensive maintenance can significantly lower mid- and long-term costs.

While Flock offers competitive pricing, additional expenses associated with non-compliance issues, potential removals, and reinstallations can add unforeseen costs.

Ultimately, ReKor’s LPR systems are a cost-effective solution for municipalities looking to make optimized security investments.


Municipal Integration

Integrating technologies, such as those for security and workflow efficiency, significantly enhances security for businesses, organizations, and municipalities. Effective integration into municipal operations is key to maximizing the benefits of LPR technology, and here, ReKor's comprehensive approach provides clear advantages.

By seamlessly incorporating ReKor's License Plate Recognition technology into municipal operations, cities can leverage its advanced features for superior security and operational efficiency.

ReKor's holistic approach to integration ensures that its LPR systems can effectively communicate and function within existing security infrastructures. Benefits of integration include real-time surveillance, data analysis, and data sharing between devices—all of which support public safety maintenance and effective management of city resources.



ReKor offers extensive training and support to help municipalities seamlessly integrate and operate their cameras and technology within municipal frameworks.

ReKor’s dedication to customer service ensures that municipalities can fully leverage the capabilities of their LPR systems.

Flock also provides support, but municipalities must weigh the benefits against the risks of potential compliance issues and the impact on community relations of violating regulations.


The Big Problem with Flock

Flock has faced criticism for installing its surveillance cameras without proper permissions, violating state laws designed for driver safety in several states, including Florida and South Carolina.

Despite Flock's efforts to address these issues, including changes in their permitting team, the company's aggressive expansion strategy has led to conflicts regarding the collection of data without public knowledge or consent.

Making the Right Choice for Municipalities

In the final analysis, while ReKor and Flock both offer viable license plate recognition solutions, municipalities should also heavily weigh compliance, advanced features, cost-effectiveness, and integration support when selecting LPR cameras.

Given these criteria, ReKor emerges as the better option.

ReKor’s adherence to legal standards, advanced analytic capabilities, and cost efficiency—as well as its commitment to customer support—establish it as the superior choice for enhancing public safety and operational efficiency within municipal frameworks.

License Plate Recognition: Names and Abbreviations

License plate cameras are referred to using several terms and abbreviations, a reflection of their increasing applications in surveillance, traffic management, and law enforcement. Because the terms and abbreviations all refer to essentially the same type of camera, there’s often confusion when these terms or their abbreviations are used.

That’s why, in this very special blog bonus, we’re covering common terms and abbreviations you may come across while researching your license plate camera options:

  • LPR (License Plate Recognition): LPR is the most widely used abbreviation when referencing license plate cameras in the U.S. The term indicates the technology's ability to recognize and decipher license plate digits.
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition): Commonly used in the UK and Europe, this term emphasizes the automatic aspect of the recognition process.
  • ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition): Similar to ANPR, this abbreviation is used to highlight the automated nature of capturing and analyzing license plate images.
  • AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification): While not exclusively for license plates, AVI encompasses technologies that automatically identify vehicles, including LPR/ANPR/ALPR systems.

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The best license plate recognition technology for municipalities is made by ReKor. ReKor offers many benefits, including compliance with legal standards, advanced AI-based features, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration capabilities for efficient municipal operations.

Compliance is important for municipal surveillance systems to reduce the likelihood of legal challenges, public backlash, and additional expenses when removing non-compliant cameras. Manufacturers like ReKor, on the other hand, are careful to meet all government regulations and help municipalities operate within legal frameworks.

Advanced license plate recognition technology, such as ReKor's AI-based car fingerprinting, enhances public safety by enabling detailed vehicle recognition and supporting law enforcement's investigative capabilities.

Municipalities should consider legal compliance, advanced technological features, cost-effectiveness, and integration capabilities when choosing LPR cameras.

ReKor's LPR systems support municipal budgeting by offering efficient surveillance solutions that reduce the need for supplementary equipment and maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for optimized security investments.

For municipalities, ReKor is better than Flock due to its compliance with legal standards, advanced vehicle recognition capabilities, cost efficiency, and superior integration and support services.

Municipalities prefer ReKor over Flock for surveillance solutions because ReKor complies with regulations, offers advanced AI-based technology, and provides cost-effective, integrative systems with comprehensive customer support.

Flock's LPR systems have faced issues with compliance, including installations without necessary permits, leading to legal challenges, potential lawsuits, and eroding public trust.

ReKor's technology enhances municipal public safety efforts with a sophisticated AI-based car fingerprinting feature that enables detailed vehicle recognition and aids law enforcement during investigations.

The key advantages of integrating ReKor's LPR technology into municipal operations include real-time surveillance, efficient data analysis, and seamless communication within existing security infrastructure.



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