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Does Your Security Camera Have No Video, Flickering, or a Black Screen? Try These Fixes

March 26, 2024

Mammoth Takeaways

  • If a camera’s monitor has no signal or a black screen, make certain the camera is powered on, check all cable connections, and adjust the camera settings to match your system's requirements.
  • Flickering video can be caused by inadequate power, loose cable connections, or incompatibility between your system’s requirements and your camera’s settings.

With nearly $500 billion worth of losses and damages caused by property crime in the U.S. every year (FBI), the security role of fully operational surveillance cameras cannot be overstated.

Security cameras are the first line of defense against threats to organizational and business security. And challenges like black screens and flickering video can handicap these critical defenses when they’re needed the most.

The good news is that CCTV screen issues tend to be easy to correct—swiftly and without a service call.

That’s why Mammoth Security has put together this simple guide to quickly diagnose and correct the most common CCTV video signal issues affecting business security today.

Black Screen, No Signal, Flickering: Common Causes & Easy Fixes

Cameras down and monitor is black

When a security camera's monitor flickers, goes black or has no video signal at all, there’s a critical gap in your security armor and no time to waste. So, let’s get right to the potential causes and how to fix them.


Begin troubleshooting with the basics: power supply.

A camera without power is like a car without gas—going nowhere.

Ensure the camera is powered on and check the power source for any issues.

If your camera is battery-operated, make sure the battery is charged. (Most camera batteries should be charged during routine maintenance at least every six months.)

Cable Connections

Loose or damaged cables are often the culprits behind video disruptions, so inspect all cable connections and make sure they're secure and intact.

Some simple TLC (tightening, locking, and connecting) can make you the knight in shining armor your camera has been waiting for.

Configuration Conundrums

Incorrect camera settings can lead to a blank screen.

Dive into your camera's settings and verify that they align with your system's overall requirements.

Pay special attention to video output settings to ensure compatibility between your camera settings and your monitors or video servers.

Firmware and Software Updates

Outdated firmware or software can lead to compatibility issues and video disruptions. Regular updates are, therefore, critical to the smooth operation of your security camera.

Your camera manufacturer's website should provide the latest software and firmware updates to give your camera the refresh it needs.

Flickering Feats: Addressing the Flickers

If your camera's video is flickering, it could be due to incorrect settings or power supply issues.

Ensure the camera is receiving a stable power supply and adjust the settings, such as the frequency or resolution, to match your system's specifications.

Upgrading: The Path to Clarity

While troubleshooting can resolve many issues, sometimes the best fix is an upgrade.

Upgrade your security camera or system for enhanced features, high-resolution video quality, and more reliable performance.

Mammoth Security Solutions For Cameras

Mammoth Security logo and two bullet cameras on a pole.

Mammoth Security offers a comprehensive range of advanced surveillance solutions tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes and complexities.

We can troubleshoot your camera issues or help you select cost-effective new cameras that dramatically improve video resolution and provide other advanced features.

For more information, to explore upgrade options, or to request a 100% free site survey and security assessment, contact Mammoth Security today. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions tailored to your needs.




If your CCTV camera has no video signal, there are likely issues with the power supply, loose or damaged cables, or incorrect camera settings.

CCTV cameras may flicker due to incorrect settings or power supply issues. Be sure the camera is receiving a stable power supply, and adjust the camera's settings, such as frequency or resolution, to align with your system's specifications.

If your CCTV cameras are underpowered, they may fail to turn on, produce a weak signal, display a black screen, or flicker. Make sure the camera is connected to a suitable power source and that any battery-operated cameras are fully charged.

To fix a black screen on your security camera, check the power supply, ensure all cables are securely connected, verify the camera settings are correct, and update the camera's software via the manufacturer’s website. If these steps don't work, consider upgrading your camera.

Best practices for maintaining CCTV camera functionality include regular checks of the power supply, ensuring cable connections are secure and undamaged, keeping the camera settings optimized, updating firmware and software regularly, and cleaning the camera lens to prevent obstructions.

To ensure your business's security cameras are always operational, conduct regular maintenance checks, keep all components clean and free from obstructions, update firmware and software as needed, and consider upgrading to more reliable, higher-quality camera systems for better performance.

Many older cameras, especially analog cameras, are incapable of capturing high-resolution images. Poor video quality in such CCTV cameras can only be improved via a camera upgrade. However, if your camera’s video quality issues have noticeably declined, the culprit is likely to be underpowered cameras, incorrect settings, or environmental factors affecting the lens.

You should update your security camera's firmware regularly, ideally whenever the manufacturer releases a new update. Firmware updates fix bugs, improve performance, and maintain compatibility with your security system.

Upgrading your security camera system can significantly improve video quality and reliability. Newer camera models often come with enhanced features, superior resolutions, and more stable performance than the models of the past.



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