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February 28, 2022

Stamford’s crime rate has been increasing at an alarming rate, and is very near to that of the entire state of Connecticut per 100,000 people. Regarding the city’s violent crime rate, Stamford’s rate is actually 1% over that of the State’s. Residents of Stamford have a 1 in 61 chance of becoming the victim of a crime. These are all statistics that residents of the vibrant and inviting township worry about on a day to day basis now, as more of their friends and family fall victim to one meaningless crime after another.

Though Stamford is by no means rural, it has always been considered a relatively safe place to live. Now, however, they voice their concerns that not enough is being done to deter citywide crime. They want more to be done, and at a faster rate. And Stamford PD is responding.

Stamford Manor a Hotbed of Crime

Elderly residents of the community moved to Stamford Manor to enjoy a leisurely retirement, but lately, their golden years seem to be anything but relaxing. Just this past year, police have arrested six people for drug dealing in and around the community, and a tenant was murdered in his apartment on Christmas morning. Tenants say that at a time in their life when they’re supposed to be relaxing, they are on edge about what is going to happen next, and if it is going to happen to them.

To put the tenants at ease, the housing authority agreed to upping their security, including implementing a CCTV surveillance system in Stamford CT. Moreover, they have paired up with the Stamford Police Department to find and evict illegal tenants by utilizing a 24-hour security system that is linked directly to the PD’s monitors.

Stamford School’s Beef Up Security As Well

Stamford schools have also been a hotbed of crime, scaring residents even more than when they learned of the crime occurring within their retirement communities. The children are our future, and when their health and safety are jeopardized, residents expect swift and effective action. And that’s just what school officials and city officials have provided. Just as with Stamford Manor, Stamford schools have joined the hundreds of other organizations and residents who have linked up their security camera systems with the Stamford PD. Additionally, they have hired security guards to protect all 12 of the city’s elementary schools, in addition to the already private guards posted at Stamford’s middle and high schools.

Stamford Expands its Private Security Camera System

So, what is this, “linking up with the local PD system” all about? It’s brilliant, actually.

Stamford residents who have a home security camera system and businesses that have a commercial CCTV system in place have the option of registering their private video with the police as a part of the department’s surveillance camera database. When the program was first introduced last summer, the number of registered private cameras was already at 276; today, it is much more than that. Why? Because the program has been successful.
The purpose of the program is to allow police to surveil private footage so that they can respond faster to crimes that occur within the community. The Philidelphia Police Department was the brains behind this genius concept, and since they implemented the program, their crime rate has decreased drastically. Stamford PD say that the program has been so successful in our own community that they want to expand throughout the city.

Police encourage all residents of Stamford to register their private surveillance systems with the department. The process is easy, and all registered parties will be kept anonymous. Additionally, the department will have no control over the camera systems; simply, they will have quick and easy access to the footage, thereby allowing them to respond to crime as it occurs. This is huge.

To date, the department has already used the cameras in a number of homicide cases, robbery cases and hit and run accidents.

The goal for this year is to get at least 1,000 private cameras registered with the department. Their hope is that with this number of CCTV surveillance footage streaming directly to them, they can drastically reduce the annual crime rate for this year, thereby encouraging even more residents to sign up.

Work With Mammoth Security

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