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Which Analog Camera Retrofit Solution Is Right for You?

February 28, 2022

Offering video quality previously only available with IP camera systems, HD over coax is changing surveillance equipment options. However, choosing the proper solution is essential to optimal results.

HD over coax offers an effective blend of the straight-forward installation of older coaxial technologies and the crisp, detailed capture quality of newer IP camera technologies. If you’ve held out on updating your aging CCTV or coaxial-based surveillance system—or couldn’t find an IP camera solution to suit the needs of your long-distance surveillance setup—retrofitting with an HD-over-coax solution makes upgrade more attractive than ever!

Understanding HD over Coax

If you’re using 75-3 or 75-5 coaxial cable, there’s a good chance that your existing cabling will work with new HD-over-coax technologies. By compositing the video, audio and data control signals and transmitting them digitally to an HD-over-coax compatible DVR, HD-over-coax cameras retain all the detail of similar IP cameras. Most cameras use compression before transmitting allowing the DVR to process and optimize video on the receiving end.

4 Technologies with Major Differences

How this transmission and decoding is handled differs between HD-over-coax types. Currently, there are 4 major types of HD-over-coax technology on the market:

  1. HD-TVI
  2. HD-CVI
  3. AHD
  4. EX-SDI

Even when using the same sensors, lens and wiring, each technology will yield drastically different results. What looks crisp and smooth on one system might appear washed out or distorted on another. To further complicate issues, most systems require both the cameras and DVRs to employ the same HD-over-coax standard to function smoothly.

To maximize both savings and benefits, it’s imperative to make the right choice for your needs from the start. Throughout our experience with HD-over-coax, we’ve found one type that almost always outperforms the others.

EX-SDI: The Best All-Around HD-over-Coax Solution

Using the standard RG59 cabling used with many analog surveillance systems, EX-SDI can transmit clear 1080p video more than 1000 feet. Using RG11, this distance more than doubles while allowing resolutions up to 4K!

As a digital solution, the signal is also less susceptible to common sources of interference or external noise. Ground loops, lighting, electrical circuitry and flawed cables are no longer a concern. Footage is captured at full resolution and streamed to the DVR uncompressed for optimal detail. It’s then compressed and optimized for storage awaiting review if needed. Reviewing video is as simple as locating the time you want to view and hitting play.

EX-SDI also outperforms the other standards when it comes to color accuracy and light compensation. HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD are prone to under or overexposing images when lighting is inconsistent. EX-SDI handles wide dynamic range video with no problems. From fine facial details to license plate numbers, you can always count on capturing convictable evidence.

With proper cameras, it performs equally well in low-light situations. Color is retained at far lower lux levels than other HD-over-coax formats and images are free from the image noise and artifacts which commonly plague low-light video quality.

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Whether you’ve held out upgrading an older system due to costs or you’re looking to design a new system for your business, HD-over-coax can help keep costs low while providing peace of mind and protection. Getting started is as simple as picking up your phone. Call today to start designing your new surveillance system!





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