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View your camera system through IOS & Android apps.  A web portal is also available for viewing on any computer.


Ultra HD Resolution

All of our cameras are atleast 9x the resolution of ONE Analog camera.  Our 10 Megapixel cameras are 30x the resolution.


Expand Your System Anytime

Our systems are modular and can be added to easily at anytime. Cost effectively add a camera to your new problem area.

Regency Apartments

New Britain, CT

PeterPan Bus Lines

Rocky Hill,CT

World Renowned Artist Loft

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Farrell Treatment Center

New Britain,CT

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CCTV Surveillance Systems in New Britain, CT

new britain ct security camerasNew Britain is a city in Connecticut located approximately 14 km south west of Hartford County. The city is officially referred to as “Hardware City” due to having a lengthy history with many manufacturing companies, including serving as the headquarters of Stanley Black & Decker. New Britain is also home to a large Polish population and, as of 2010 Census, populated by 73,206 residents. These 70 thousand residents, many following different rules and customs or have originated from other countries, are densely packed in an area that the United States Census Bureau estimates to be 13.4 square miles, 0.1 square miles of which is water. The large population and somewhat limited liveable space is understandably going to cause security issues. It is normal to be concerned about property crime in such a large, densely populated city. While there are New Britain security cameras installed by the city government, these surveillance systems are very limited in usefulness as the monitors and resulting video footages are not accessible to the public. Additionally, they are located in areas that are not conducive to producing high quality, detailed videos or images. If you really want to secure a home, a property, or a business establishment, you need a camera system installer to custom build a surveillance system tailored to your needs. Mammoth Security is a CCTV camera installer that services clients in and around the Connecticut area, providing custom solutions for residential home owners, large property owners, or businesses that need to secure multiple locations. Any installation we do leverages several key features:

HD Digital Video Cameras

Analog cameras, many of which are currently being used in existing surveillance systems, tend to produce very poor quality videos especially if the subject is too far or constantly moving. This makes them slightly less useful when trying to identify incidents, persons, or specific details. Mammoth Security takes advantage of HD Digital Video Cameras that are fast and capable of producing video footages several times clearer than an analog camera’s output. These HD cameras make it easier to catch perpetrators or to identify details in any event. For many clients, this could mean the difference between saving a life, a property, or even avoiding a costly lawsuit.

Modular Installations

For many clients, one hurdle is that they already have existing Commercial Surveillance Cameras installed from a different provider or as part of a DIY installation, and as such the cost of the original installation makes it difficult to justify getting a new system installed even if the existing one is poor in quality. Mammoth Security will not waste any existing surveillance equipment, as our systems are modular and can be installed on top of your existing CCTV camera equipment, in order to expand or upgrade its capabilities and keep it up to par with modern standards.

Remove Viewing Capability

We employ wireless HD cameras that do not rely on messy wiring, which also adds the benefit of the surveillance system being installed in places where wiring is impractical – such as inside elevators. It can also be adopted for use when monitoring multiple places in separate locations. Additionally, clients don’t need to be within the premises in order to check monitor feeds, because our cameras can be viewed remotely through mobile apps. All one needs is an Internet-capable smartphone running android or iOS. Safety and security should always be a priority, particularly if you live in New Britain, CT. If you have further concerns or want a free quote, do not hesitate to send us a message through our website’s contact page. Our services are also available in the neighbor towns: Norwalk (Connecticut), Bridgeport (Connecticut), Stamford (Connecticut), Greenwich (Connecticut), and others

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My property manager and I felt so relieved to have such a seamless transition to a new security camera system. The clarity and ability to cover our 1/4 mile wide building with cameras at both ends are what sold us. Peter Niro, Hartford Square Associates
These guys helped guide me to exactly what our building needed. I was watching my building from bed within a week and a half. I sleep much better now!! Karen, Centrix Management
My team and I are blown away by the clarity of the cameras. The night staff feels much more secure, and I can check on the building when I am away. Dave B , Farrell Treatment Center
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