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Multi-Sensor Cameras: The PTZ Camera Killer

February 28, 2022

When it comes to maximizing the coverage of your surveillance system, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras were once ideal. They reduced the number of cameras required by allowing you to adjust the field of view as needed to cover your home, business or event space.

However, this design has limitations. The most critical issue facing PTZ cameras is that while you can move the camera, you still have massive blind spots until the camera is moved. Not to mention compensating for movement while the camera pans or tilts. Even with advanced detection features, multiple angles of coverage and video processing improvements, there’s still the chance you might miss an important incident or event.

Multi-sensor cameras change all of this

By incorporating four separate sensors in a single housing, you have all of the benefits of a PTZ camera with none of the response time issues or need for adjustment. Simply set each of the four sensors to suit your exact needs, angles and coverage zones.

A camera is only as valuable as the video it captures. With multi-sensor cameras, you’re essentially getting to value of four cameras in a single device! There’s no worries about missing an event as all four sensors are in continuous use.

Many will also interface with popular video software as single panoramic or composite shot—meaning less licensing fees and easier monitoring. Instead of scouring multiple shots for events, you’re presented with a single field of view.

Need to zoom in to see finer detail? The sensor for the field of view you need will take over allowing all of the clarity and ease-of-use of a PTZ camera. When you’re done, just head back to the main view for a full picture of the situation.

This leads to one of the largest benefits to multi-sensor cameras: improved situational awareness. The first step in responding to any developing situation or event is recognition. With pan and tilt cameras, there’s all possibility that the event or incident is already underway before the field of view captures any footage. Multi-sensor cameras allow you to have eyes on the entire situation at all times—even from multiple angles depending on your coverage—to ensure that you have all the information needed to respond appropriately.

Outside of performance, there are also benefits in cost of ownership and upkeep. PTZ cameras use motors to adjust the field of view. With multi-sensor cameras, you have one less component to worry about and far less maintenance. Even before you start using your surveillance system, you’ll see reduced installation costs as you’ll likely need fewer units. This means less networking and power requirements as well.

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Simpler operation, improved durability, high-quality video capture and reduced maintenance costs? It’s no wonder these cameras are quickly gaining popularity! If you’re curious about how multi-sensor cameras can help to protect your home or business, Mammoth Security is ready to help. Our selection of premium HD cameras and extensive knowledge of security technologies make us a leader in the Hartford region. Many systems require two weeks or less to design and install! Ready to get started? Give us a call and schedule your consultation!





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