Analog Vs. IP - Which is Best for You?

Long gone are the days of blurry surveillance camera footage. Today’s video surveillance technology is able to capture high-resolution images that can capture minute details from any distance and in any lighting. Thanks to the latest digital IP camera technology, a single camera can go beyond 4K resolution of an analog camera and even do the work of multiple cameras with a single lens. If you already have an analog system in place, Legacy analog camera wiring can be reused with HD over analog cameras, allowing you to upgrade your system without the high cost of updating your wiring. To learn more about which technology is better for you - Analog or IP - read on below.

Comparing CCTV and IP Technologies

CCTV Cameras

A CCTV, or closed-circuit television, surveillance system transmits the feed of its connected security cameras to a specific location. The network of security cameras makes up a complete system and the signals are not publicly distributed to outside receivers.

  • Send Video via coax or UTP cabling
  • Video Is Recorded On A Physical DVR
  • All Have To Be In One Location
  • Typical Offer Lower Resolution
  • Uses television broadcast signals

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IP Cameras

IP, or internet protocol, cameras are digital video cameras that transmit video footage via computer network. IP cameras typically feature better picture quality, advanced recording features, and the capability of connecting a larger number of cameras to the system, when compared with the older CCTV systems.

  • Use POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Sends Video Via The Internet
  • Do Not All Need To Kept In One Location
  • Increased Resolution Of 4096×2160
  • Broadcasts Video As A Digital Stream

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What is a CCTV

What is a CCTV Surveillance System?

A CCTV system functions with strategically-placed security cameras and human monitoring of the cameras’ video feeds on an internal system of monitors. Video feeds may also be recorded on a separate digital video recorder, or DVR. If the DVR is connected to the internet, remote viewing of video footage may also be available. CCTV is an older system that has developed and modernized, adding new features throughout the years.

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What are IP Cameras?

Videos are stored digitally using a network video recorder, or NVR, rather than a physical DVR. Additionally, IP cameras are easy to install and have flexible expansion capabilities in terms of connecting additional cameras, other systems, and storage applications. IP cameras can be used in conjunction with CCTV systems to cover blind spots or have cameras where they are less likely to be seen and discovered.

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CCTV Installation Services

Your business is your most important asset, and as such, you need to protect it from vandalism, theft and other acts of destruction that could compromise its integrity or your bottom line. That is why it is so important to work with a professional CCTV installation company that can advise you on what type of equipment you need, where to place it and how best to monitor your footage. Mammoth Security is that company.

Experience the Mammoth Difference

At Mammoth Security, we go above and beyond to provide business owners throughout the state of Connecticut with the surveillance systems they need to protect their livelihoods. We serve a number of industries, including but not limited to retail, banking, health care and transportation. If you own a commercial property, we’ve got you covered. Don’t take a chance on your business investment, and invest in peace of mind with a comprehensive security camera system. Our installers are not only professional, but also, they go above and beyond the call of duty to wire your office building for maximum protection. Extremely knowledgeable and highly trained, our installation experts can make sure that your system is as advanced as you need it to be while working within the confines of your budget and other limitations. In addition to their knowledge and experience, the installation team at Mammoth Security is courteous, easy going and well dressed. If you’re experience with contractors has been of the jeans and ripped tee shirts variety, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. As a professional company, we employee professional individuals—individuals you would be more than willing to place your trust in.

Better Quality, Better Equipment

At Mammoth Security, we partner with CCTV security camera providers that have been in the business of protecting homes for decades. As a result, the cameras we install have been tested and proven over time to deter criminals and catch them in the act. From wireless cameras to PTZ cameras, and fish-eye lenses to motion detection devices, the equipment offered by our vendors is unparalleled and aims to serve one purpose: to protect your business and your employees. Sure, you can save money on off-brand cameras, and you may even deter a criminal or two. However, if you want to prevent loss, protect your employees and safeguard your investment, invest in high quality surveillance equipment. You may spend a little more up front, but you will save money in the long run.

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