Parking Lot Security

Thanks to advances in safety technology, parking garages and lots don't have to be as vulnerable as they have been in the past. Our team at Mammoth Security knows all about parking lot security. We have the experience and know-how to design surveillance and access control systems that meet the unique security challenges they face.

Challenges of Parking Lot Security

Maybe it's the numerous hiding places, or maybe it's the anonymity with which most car lots can be entered, but the statistics don't lie: parking facilities are hotbeds of criminal activity. From muggings and carjackings to vandalism and sexual assaults, they are a common site for a wide range of crimes.

Parking lots and garages are attractive targets for criminals

Violent Crime

In the U.S., parking lots are the third most common site for violent crimes like armed assault. In fact, nearly 1,500 attacks occur in parking lots across the U.S. every single day.


According to Statista, 16,617 robberies in the US occurred in a parking lot or garage. These crimes often involve the break-in of parked cars or the theft of valuable auto parts, such as catalytic converters. In fact, many car theft rings specialize in removing catalytic converters from parked cars in five minutes or less.

Statista 2021 number of robberies in parking lots


Turret parking lot security cameras expertly placed for maximum security coverage

Security cameras in parking lots catch vandals every day. Thanks to routine news reports of arrests resulting from parking lot security video cameras, there are fewer people on the streets who might decide to damage a vehicle parked on your property. With the installation of access control and parking lot security cameras, you can make sure that there are even fewer people who can get away with it.


Car hit in parking lot needs video surveillance

Speeding or distracted drivers are a legal liability and a constant nuisance to businesses and parking lot managers. With the aid of surveillance cameras, accidents, and hit-and-runs that are a part of daily business can be documented to reduce your legal liability. With access control systems like gates, the security risks posed to pedestrians by speeding drivers can be significantly reduced.

How to Make Your Parking Lot More Secure

Parking garage access control reader at a security gate.

There are three solutions for parking lot safety:

Our team at Mammoth Security has a lot of experience designing and installing parking lot access control systems and parking lot security cameras, including systems customized to support on-site security officers.

Security Camera Surveillance Systems for a Parking Lot

License-plate-reading cameras are a smart investment for any parking lot.

Statistics show that the installation of security cameras for a parking lot reduces crime by more than half. Security cameras provide deterrence against criminal activities and, in the event of a hit-and-run or other crime, evidence for redress.

What's more, with live-video monitoring of building perimeters, parking lot CCTV systems can be used to guard against break-ins and other invasive crimes before they happen.

Most of today's cameras feature infrared night vision technology that can capture clear footage at night and in areas with low lighting.

Multipanel cameras and license-plate-reading cameras feature advanced technologies

By far, the greatest advancements in parking lot security cameras have been in the field of artificial intelligence. Many parking lot cameras today feature behavior analytics, facial recognition, smart motion detection, and other AI-based capabilities that reduce the guesswork in parking lot security.

License plate recognition cameras are particularly useful. These cameras use artificial intelligence to recognize license plate digits in almost all lighting situations, and they store each license-plate number in a database. From hit-and-runs to stolen vehicles, these cameras assist insurance and law enforcement personnel in tracking down perpetrators after they leave your property.

Entry Management for a Parking Lot

Access control at a parking lot entrance

Access control systems are traditionally installed at car parks, corporate offices, warehouses, construction sites, residential yards, and other restricted parking areas. But parking lot access control tools are so useful that they're increasingly installed for safety at sites for general public use.

Tools such as security guard booths, gates, and arm barriers slow driving speeds, assist with visitor management and limit entrances while capturing vehicular information to provide evidence if necessary.

Gate access control

What's more, parking lot access systems can be integrated with license-plate reader cameras to enable automatic gate entry of white-listed vehicles while alerting security to vehicles with unlisted or even watch-listed license plates.

Security Personnel

Propark in New Haven use AI-supported surveillance cameras installed by Mammoth Security

Video surveillance and access control systems provide businesses and car park managers with the greatest ROI. But if your parking lot or garage requires on-site security personnel, our crew at Mammoth Security knows how to tailor parking lot security cameras and access management systems to make your security guards exponentially more effective.

Parking Lot Security FAQs

Do small business owners need security cameras and other forms of parking lot security?

Parking lot security cameras aren't just for car parks. Any property with a parking lot needs at least one security camera to protect staff, customers, and their cars.

What are the best parking lot safety tips?

In addition to CCTV systems and gate systems with motion detection and license-plate recognition, the top parking lot safety tips include maintaining clear lighting throughout your parking garage or lot so that criminals and potential perpetrators have fewer hiding places.

Other parking lot safety tips and effective measures for crime prevention in parking areas include the installation of emergency phones and call-box systems. Criminals who see video cameras and other security system components are likely to select targets where vehicle protection is less tight.

What are the best security cameras for parking facilities?

Security camera systems for vehicle, staff, and customer protection usually include a variety of cameras with unique strengths. A parking lot security camera system should include security cameras with infrared night vision for low-light situations and have at least one camera near each entrance and exit to interpret and record vehicle license plates.

Can security cameras be integrated with other security tools without compromising quality?

Many security cameras can be integrated with other security tools, such as entrance gates and even motion sensors. With an integrated camera and alarm system, surveillance video footage at your business can be reviewed as soon as an alarm is triggered, enabling you to disable false alarms while using your camera system footage to confirm actual emergency events and receive a more rapid law enforcement response.

Secure Your Parking Lots With Mammoth Security

Turret cameras monitor this ground-level parking lot

We want you to know that you can trust our team at Mammoth Security to develop and install security cameras and gate control to protect your parking area. From parking garages to open lots at shopping centers, we have the experience and know-how to design the security solutions you need to monitor activity cost-effectively, deter crime, collect evidence, and protect customers, employees, and property.

If you're ready to take the next step toward discouraging crime and securing your parking lot or garage, just fill out the simple form below to receive a free, zero-obligation site consultation. You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we survey your parking facilities, discuss your security concerns, spot points where your security can be improved, and begin to develop a security system that’s expertly designed to the unique layout and security needs of your parking facility.

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